Best Choice
Conti Gator Hardshell TIRE 6379 700X23 Folding Black
Second Best
Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Tire, 700cm x 28-Inch
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Michelin Power All Season Front or Rear Road Bike Tire for Asphalt, Tube Type...
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Pirelli P Zero Velo 4s 700 X 23 High Grip Wet Weather Bicycle Tire
Conti Gator Hardshell TIRE 6379 700X23 Folding Black
Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Tire, 700cm x 28-Inch
Michelin Power All Season Front or Rear Road Bike Tire for Asphalt, Tube Type...
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4s 700 X 23 High Grip Wet Weather Bicycle Tire
Best Choice
Conti Gator Hardshell TIRE 6379 700X23 Folding Black
Conti Gator Hardshell TIRE 6379 700X23 Folding Black
Second Best
Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Tire, 700cm x 28-Inch
Maxxis Re-Fuse Folding Tire, 700cm x 28-Inch
Also Consider
Michelin Power All Season Front or Rear Road Bike Tire for Asphalt, Tube Type...
Michelin Power All Season Front or Rear Road Bike Tire for Asphalt, Tube Type...
Don't Miss
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4s 700 X 23 High Grip Wet Weather Bicycle Tire
Pirelli P Zero Velo 4s 700 X 23 High Grip Wet Weather Bicycle Tire

Most road bike riders are always on the move. That’s because a road bike is made to handle constant use. If it has perfect tires, it can move more speedily and smoothly. On the other hand, if road bike tires are of bad quality, they will easily develop punctures.

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This can be annoying when you want to rush somewhere and cannot stop your journey and repair the tire. Although maintaining proper inflation pressure and doing constant tire inspection can reduce the risk of punctures, bad tires cannot be saved. Upgrading your road bike tires is the only lasting solution. To get the best tires for your road bike, consider these factors:

Construction materials

Ensure that you only buy a tire that is made of tough rubber or another puncture-resistant material. This will certainly reduce the chances of having a flat tire and save your time. Kevlar is the most preferred tire material these days. Most tire producers use it to reinforce their tires. It is sturdier and more reliable when you have to ride in a bad terrain with sharp rocks or broken glass.

As you pick Kevlar tires, there will be two options. Kevlar beads and Kevlar belted tires.

• Kevlar beads tires – If looking to buy a high-performance, lightweight bike tire, then choose a Kevlar beads tire. It is a foldable and compact tire and will be easy to store. However, Kevlar bead tire will be harder to repair unless you have hook-edge rims.

• Kevlar belted tires – These are good choices when you want to prevent punctures even from small things like nails, thorns, and needles. They have better traction because of the treads.

• Tire liners – These are also an option and they are reliable because they separate the tire and the inner tube. Tire liners are heavier though and can decelerate your bike’s speed.

• Tire sealants – If you want to keep punctures away for real, then you can buy tire sealants. These can create a mess during installation but produce an impenetrable barrier when used to repair current tire holes.

Tire Thinness

Road bikes should be speedier than ordinary bicycles. So they tend to have thinner tires: 23mm, 25mm, or 28mm wide. The thinness of a tire means that a smaller surface area touches the road and this reduces friction. When friction is less, speed is higher.

Riding conditions

Some people use their road bike for commuting to work on the smooth city roads. These may worry less about bike punctures and more about speed. Other people ride their road bicycles on rough, gravel roads and are more likely to have flat tires. As you shop around, think about the road surfaces you ride in and your favorite bike riding seasons.

Type of tires

There are several different sorts of bike tires. The clincher tires are extremely popular and have beads around the outer edge. These beads attach to the rim of the wheel and their inner tube is totally separated from the outer one. Hence, clincher tires are the easiest to repair or replace without affecting the whole tire.

On the other hand, you can buy a tubeless tire. This one is based on a modern technology that allows the tire to use an airtight rim and tire. Thus, the inner tube is totally left out. The advantage to having tubeless tires is that they need a lower amount of pressure to run well. As well, these tires weigh less and are less prone to punctures. Despite, tubeless tires are harder to repair during an emergency. Without a reliable sealant, you cannot stick the whole tire on the rim again.

Your budget

Although there are several kinds of road bike tires on the market, you cannot afford all. There will be a high quality tire you can buy no matter the financial circumstances you are in. If you know your budget beforehand, it will be easy to select a suitable bike tire.

So, what is the best road bike tire for you?

In addition to putting the above-mentioned factors into consideration, you should know your best tire options. These should be the tires that most bike riders are happy with. We will share our favorite bike tires for road bicycles next.

1. Continental Gator Hardshell – Replacement Road/Commuter Tire

Made by Continental Gatorskin, a top manufacturer, this bike tire is puncture-resistant and ideal for high mileage. It employs a wider Ply-X break tread strip for better mileage and bead-to-bead DuraSkin sidewall protection. Boasting three layers of polyester beneath the tire threads, this tire is thick and hard to penetrate. It’s also lightweight and can suit a wide assortment of bikes. It offers good traction on dry surfaces and a low grip on wet roads.

2. Maxxis Re-Fuse 700cm x 28 – Inch Folding tire


The Maxxis Re-Fuse is a good pick if you want a durable and high-quality bike wheel for racing, training or normal commuting. It is a folding tire and will be easy to store. Also boasting excellent traction, the Maxxis Re-Fuse has a lovely diamond knurled slick design that will suit most people’s tastes and preferences.

Its Maxx Shield is for preventing punctures regardless of the weather conditions or the kind of terrains you ride the bike in. Having a thickness of 28mm, this tire is in the range of the best tires for road bikes. It is also lightweight and cannot interfere with the speed and efficiency of the bike. Another advantage is that you can get this foldable tire in a range of colors. So you can select the color that would suit your bicycle’s appearance.

3. Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

If you are a passionate cyclist, you should get the Continental GP4. It is the tire that will enable you to use your bike all through the year with few or no repairs. This an excellent pair of training tires, if that’s what you are looking for. Besides offering unrivaled puncture protection with its two layers of Vectran inserts, the Continental GP4’s sidewalls are strengthened with DuraSkin.

This is known to be durable and strong enough to resist sidewall damage. Consisting of premium quality polyamide fabric, DuraSkin can tolerate the worst abuse on the roads. The Vectran inserts are made of a liquid-crystalline polymer that can strongly resist tears or damage. Continental GP4 for all-season comes in four size ranges: 23C, 25C, 28C and 32C. It is therefore available to different road bike users.

4. Michelin Power All Season

This is another tire that is almost equivalent to the Continental Gp4. Like the name suggests, you can use your Michellin Power tire all over the year. The simple fact that the tire is produced by a top-notch French brand, Michellin, makes this one of the most preferred road bike tires.

Michelin has been around for a whole century and more than two decades on top. For this alone, you can trust its products, including the Michellin Power all Seasons. If you often ride your bike in rough terrains or bad weather conditions, choose this Michelin tire. The Hi-Grip is an advanced tread design that will increase traction by 15% when riding the bike on a wet road. Offered in three sizes, 23C,25C and 28C, the Michellin Power 4 is several times better than most endurance tires

5. Continental Grand Prix 5000 Performance Road Bike Tire

If you already own the GP4OOO s2, the GP5000 makes an excellent tire upgrade. According to the manufacturer, this tubeless tire can provide twelve percent lower rolling resistance. It can also offer twenty percent better puncture protection compared to the GP4000 and is 10grams lighter. It is now almost a whole year since it was released and most cyclists like it better. If you want to enjoy top bike performance and fewer tire repairs or replacements, this is the best choice for you. If you install them well, your bike will be ready to move in no time at all.

6. Schwalbe Durano HS 464 Wire Bead Road Bicycle Tire – 84314

If you are looking for a tire that will withstand daily use, then Schwalbe Durano is the one. This tire is made to resist tears and holes, offer a stronger grip and last longer. Possessing a double layer nylon fabric beneath the rubber, the tire can resist holes and cuts so well. It suits any cyclists who cover long-distance rides. According to the manufacturer, the Schwalbe Durano tire can last no less than 6000 kilometers or 3,700 miles prior to succumbing to damage.

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7. Pirelli P Zero Velo

This is one of the newest tires. It is hardly two years old and it is already more popular than many brands. Pirelli P tire is made by a company that is associated with years of road cycling. It made its first tire in 1909 and has been going strong.

The tire is made using the SmartNet rubber compound, which is known to produce tires with low rolling resistance and soft texture. Pirelli comes in three different sizes, 23C, 25C and 28C. It makes a great road bike tire for use in different terrains.

8. Vittoria Corsa Control G+

If you need a sturdier racing tire, then check the Vittoria Corsa Control G+ bike tire. Compared to the previous Vittoria Corsa, this one has 0.4mm of extra thickness. It is therefore expected to last longer. The Chevron tread design is made to offer more grip when riding in wet weather conditions. As it is 320TPI, it might not be the best tire for wet surfaces.

9. Hutchinson Intensive 2 – Tubeless

This is among the best constructed tubeless tires. It was put through five years of rigorous testing and development prior to being released. It’s no wonder that most cyclists love it. Hutchinson tire is robust, durable and ideal for any weather conditions. The bead-to-bead casing is 25mm thick and ideal for road bikes. It is also puncture-resistant no matter your preferred terrains. It weighs 315g, which is just a little bulky. If you come from an area with sporadic weather patterns, the Hutchinson Intensive 2 tire might be the right choice for you.

10. Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Believed to be one of the most popular road bike tires for commuting, Schwalbe Marathon Plus is sturdy and puncture-resistant. It can take a long time before it develops a tear regardless of how often you use it.

As it is made of a thicker and long-lasting rubber with the signature SmartGuard layer that Schwalbe is known for, it is able to resist any degree of damage. This can cover up to 10,000miles prior to showing any signs of deterioration. It comes in a range of sizes, beginning from 25C all the way to 35C. So it is suitable for most bikes used for commuting. Though non-foldable, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire is worth trying.

11. Continental Contact Speed

This tire is designed for riding in the city. The material it is made of can provide better traction on most types of city roads. Continental Contact speed can conform to the road surface and tire loads.

As a highly versatile choice, this tire also comes with a SafetySystem Breaker, which is a new puncture protection belt made of a Kevlar material. Hence, it can resist tears and cuts and last several months. Sizes 28C, 32C and 37C are supported.


Regardless of how often you ride your bike and the terrains you normally choose, there will be at least one or more tires in our list that will fit your needs. You just have to think twice about your needs and then evaluate every bike on our list. Once you select a suitable tire set, it will not require a repair or replacement anytime soon. As these are also budget-friendly tires, you have every opportunity to improve your bike tires and bike trips.

Fincci Pair 700 x 25c Tire Foldable 120 TPI for Racing Touring Cycling All...
  • Foldable tires size: 700x25 c. ETRTO 25-622. Suitable for 700c, 28" and 29" Wheels as replacements for old tires sizes 700x21c / 700x23c / 700x25c
  • 120 TPI. Weight: 390gr 1.3lb each 700x25c tire. Package consists of 2x road bike tires 700 x 25c. Package size of 1 foldable tire: 9.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inch
  • Made of high quality nylon and rubber compound. Kevlar wire to make the tire foldable
  • Fast Rolling high traction tread for faster and more comfortable ride. Specific racing tire for tarmac or pavement use. Perfect replacement tire for racing or road...
  • Fincci - buy with confidence from UK brand. Full after-sale support and manufacturer warranty.
Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire, Mountain/Standard, High Traction, 16-Inch x...
  • Designed to be compatible with a 16" diameter internal rim, with widths ranging from 19mm to 29mm
  • 16 x 1.95 inch or ETRTO size 54-305 mountain bike tire for off road riding
  • Wide, blocky knobs provide traction on loose or rocky terrain
  • Outer knobs extend over tire edge for sidewall protection.
  • Durable steel bead contruction, with a recommended PSI range of 30 to 40
Continental Gatorskin DuraSkin Bicycle Tire (27x 1 1/4, Wire Beaded, Black)
  • CARBON BLACK MIXTURE- The Gatorskin, manufactured with a durable carbon black mixture, is as comfortable on the way to work as it is training for road races.
  • POLYXBREAKER- The polyester fibers overlap during manufacturing, yielding a very dense fabric and minimal space in-between threads, making the PolyX highly resistant to...
  • DURASKIN- Sidewall protection coming from the high quality polyamide fabric encasing the core casing of the tire from scuffs and cuts under the worst conditions.
  • WEAR OPTIMIZED TREAD- Get the most out of your tire with the Gatorskin’s wear optimized tread compound, adding a long service life.
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY-Continental has been hand making their tires since 1871, maintaining the integrity of tradition, while evolving with the most advanced technology.