Thinking of adding an electric bicycle to your two-wheel collection, an e-road bike will be a nice place to start if you spend most of your time riding on the tarmac.

E-bikes generally bring some sense of comfort to your daily commute, and if you’re tired of grinding up that steep hill to work, an e-road bike is a nice way to get over this hurdle in your journey.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily get overwhelmed when searching for a model to buy. So, to save you the struggle, here are the best e-road bikes you can get on the market.

1. Trek Domane+ LT E


According to the manufacturer, the Trek Domane+ LT was built for riders looking for a reliable road bike experience with an extra boost. This high-quality carbon e-bike resembles a traditional road bike, thanks to its seamless design.

With the frame-integrated battery back, people will have a hard time realizing that you’re getting some electric assistance. The Fauza (battery and motor) pack is also removable, which comes in handy when you want to charge the battery off the bike as you continue riding.

The drive system will easily get you to a top speed of 20mph, while the torque is punchy enough to make light work of steep ascends and strong headwinds. Strong braking performance is provided by the Shimano Ultegra disc brakes, which will stop your ride on a dime even in slippery conditions.

The Domane comes with endurance geometry to maximize control, handling, and responsiveness while the front features Isospeed technology to result in smooth performance on the tarmac.

Overall, this is among the lightest electric-road bikes out there. Its streamlined frame offers speed and efficiency on the road to make sure you never run behind schedule while attending to your daily commitments.

2. Giant Road E+ 1 Pro


This top-of-the-range e-road bike will cost you significantly less than the Trek Domane above but offers a performance to match the reputation of the manufacturer. Giant’s Road E+ 1 Pro comes with an aluminum frame that is paired with a composite fork to offer an optimal balance between durability and weight.

The bike combines reputable brands like Shimano in its components to deliver a high-performance biking experience on the road. It is equipped with a SyncDrive Pro motor that can get to 170 rpm cadence while its 80Nm torque output will give you an easy time on tough climbs.

The fresh incorporated EnergyPak smart 500Wh lithium-ion battery allows for long-distance riding, making sure that your fun is not cut short prematurely. Also, the bike rolls on tubeless-ready wheels with very little rolling resistance, and these deliver a smooth ride and enhanced puncture protection.

3. Cannondale Synapse NEO SE

Cannondale is a renowned brand among electric bike enthusiasts and its product line features some of the most popular e-bikes in the industry. The Synapse Neo SE was made to give you an unforgettable road-biking experience but won’t disappoint when you decide to go off-course and test the off-road.

This is technically a well-built gravel bike with the ability to race on highways, as well as thrive on the rugged forest trails. You can credit this to the powerful 250-watt Bosch Powerline Plus motor propelling the bike.

Backing it is a 500Wh lithium-ion battery, which allows for day-long riding adventures. The Synapse Neo can achieve a top speed of 20mph while the battery will have you covering 93 miles on a full charge cycle.

The handlebar-mounted controller provides you with vital telemetry data about the ride, including the remaining battery life, and allows you to choose between four levels of assistance. Depending on your biking preference, you can go with Eco, Tour, Sport, or Turbo, with the last one offering the highest speed.

With a Smartform C1 frame, the Cannondale Synapse NEO’s aluminum build results in an optimal weight-durability combo to ensure you maintain control of the ride even at top speeds. The drop handlebar and internal cable routing results in a seamless appearance that is common to most traditional road bikes.

Overall, this is a comfortable and charming electric road bike that you can go to when planning a long-distance biking expedition. Whether you choose to stick on the smooth tarmac or venture into the beaten tracks, the NEO won’t let you down!

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4. Pinarello Nytro SRAM Force


The Nytro is Pinarello’s first electric road bike but it looks and feels like a conventional road bike. Inspired by the Dogma F10 geometry, the bike is designed to deliver an authentic road biking experience.

Thanks to carbon construction, the bike’s frame is pretty lightweight at just 28 pounds and this reduces to 20 pounds when the battery is removed. The lightweight build is paired with the probably lightest electric-assist system you can get, ensuring that you enjoy superior handling and smooth riding on the road.

The Nytro upholds the brand’s asymmetric philosophy, which involves the right half of both the seat and top tube being notably wider than the left sides. The purpose of this is to make for optimal balance.

With four speed settings, you get the luxury of riding at your own pace, with the highest speed capping at 15.5mph. This means the Nytro won’t be the best choice to go on a race with friends. Otherwise, the SRAM Force 11-speed groupset offers reliable performance and the hydraulic disk brakes will stop the bike in its tracks.

5. Bianchi Impulso


Binachi is one of those brands that come to mind when you think about road racing. It has featured in the bike industry from as early as 1885 and the Italian manufacturer continues to roll out high-quality bikes.

The design of the Impulso was meant to resemble a typical Bianchi traditional road bike. Its frame geometry is not too different from the ones you see on the Tour de France. Powering the bike is an EP3 motor, which is among the most compact you can find.

Meanwhile, the battery pack is integrated into the frame, resulting in a smooth appearance and this delivers a riding range of about 200km. The maximum speed you can achieve on the Bianchi Impulso is 25kph.

Its punchy torque allows the bike to shine when you encounter a hilly course on your trail or resilient headwinds, making it a great option for riders keen on going for long-distance rides that are predominantly steep.