Oh, how good, as a motorcycle rider who fully appreciates himself, to proudly use the most efficient, aesthetic and practical equipment; peel the guide to choose the best bike from his dream that will drool! We also like to find gloves with the right number of air holes or hulls, and tied with carbon helmets or decorated with skulls!

But what about watch?

Already, it often blocks the wrist under the right jacket. Then there is always the fear of damaging it if it falls, or even becomes a painful thing.

So, the solution is not to wear?

Impossible, we love too much beautiful things to have to let go of this beautiful accessory, which is very much needed as a law, like other equipment (motorbikes and equipment!)

So here are a few choices, which have the advantage of being almost invisible under the jacket and extraordinary as soon as the arms are released, on the cafe terrace during a well-deserved break. Attention, there are for all budgets, and it must be understood that the more pointy mechanisms must match the thin object, the higher the purchase price, at least in a mechanical one!

And which one is connected? Except for Withings, which offers attractive performance, design and slimness, a few brands have managed to offer us attractive models. Indeed, if Tag Heuer has just launched a Connected watch, working with Google and Intel, it’s still too big and thick to be easily worn on a motorcycle.

Similarly, models that are more sporty haven’t won my vote because they are often very thick (more than one centimeter), such as Breitling, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Rolex, Carrera, IWC and of course Chopard Mille Miglia. To get more info, we suggest you to click here.

How do you choose the size?

Case size:

I deliberately chose to focus on an extra thin and thin wristwatch so as not to get clumsy behind a jacket, but what about the format (diameter)?

If many watches can be mixed, it is very important to consider the size of the wrist. Thus, the case, seen from above, cannot take the entire surface of the wrist, we must see the bracelet! Many men like pride and wear watches that are too big. Conversely, a watch that is too small for men as women will not match. Having a small wrist, I know I have to choose the one whose case will not exceed 32 mm. And it all depends on what we like.

Know that small types provide a more retro and classic look, for example in Longines or Rolex, or those that are pretty vintage at Casio.

Mechanical movement, automatic, quartz?

Quartz (battery):

It has the advantage of being perfect, practical and affordable. In addition, there are almost no limits in the display: allowing the thinnest box. The disadvantage is having to replace the battery every two years, and this change can sometimes change the watch (such as sealing). In addition, this type is shorter because the electronic components degrade faster.


This functions as the name implies, mechanically. How? By turning the crown manually every day or by selecting automatically, which will be re-installed only with daily wrist movements? The benefits? Prestige has a mechanical watch, durability, aesthetics (sometimes, we can see all the mechanics through a transparent case). Flats are priced (elitist), fragility, accuracy – less reliable than quartz types – and the need to have them changed every five years by experts.

Whatever your choice, make sure it is able to meet your needs.