Cycling is a sport that requires great physical abilities, because in just one stage during a race, a cyclist faces serious challenges. 

But that does not mean there’s nothing fun in this sport. We have prepared 20 best cycling GIFs, to show you that it can be interesting to ride a bike, even if you’re a dog.

    • Working together is very important
  • Are you OK?
        • What a jump!
      • Master of cycling
      • He is not master of cycling
      • Vintage racing
      • That must have been painful
      • What did you do, man?
      • I will succeed. No, I will not
      • It should not be like this
      • Hi-tech gadgets in toilet
        • He did not mean to park there
        • Skilled dog
        • Skilled gorilla
          • Working together is very important, again
        • Are you crazy?
        • They need extra energy
        • Modern knights
      • He has a big balls
      1. Can anyone explain this?