The domestic Genuine Scooters stepped away from its usual territory with a right step into proper motorcycle country. The new 2019 Genuine Motorcycles G400C bike will be the flagship for them under the Genuine Motorcycles name, with design that spans for decades.

Design of Genuine Motorcycles G400C

This is a very ambitious move by Genuine. A regular observer will notice similarities between this, and the much older Honda CB400SS and the Mash Roadstar 400. However, many specific features set it apart from these two models.

It has touring-style hoops, beefier than the original version, while it sports lightweight aluminum rims on the laced wheels. There is a seven-inch round headlight in the front, chrome fenders on and three possible tank colors. Two round cans contain the instrumentation like analog clocks for speed and rpm various lights, an odometer and a trip meter. The teardrop fuel tank holds 3.4-gallons, and has a set of knee-pockets with rubber kneepads. The comfortable high-density foam, bench style seat has a faux tuck-and-roll cover. It agrees with the classic look it aims for, and is reminiscent of the genre of bikes which dominated back in the day.


When it comes to the chassis, a single-downtube frame is nicely tucked away between the exhaust headers, before splitting into a double-cradle section under the engine. The rolling chassis is rounded up by Kenda touring hoops with a 100/90-19 in the front, followed by a 120/70-18. Although classic designs are great, some things should stay in the past, like the drum brakes.

The bike manages a 160 mm drum in the back, while the fronts are modern disc brakes, with a 280 mm disc and twin-pot caliper slowing wheel. Furthermore, if you want ABS, you are in the wrong place, as you will only find raw brakeage and honest feedback with this motorcycle. The suspension is the usual, carrying Genuine’s influence with upgraded spring-rates. The swing arm is 2-1/2 inches longer on this bike, for some more stability and tracking.

The G400C is compatible with many official Honda parts, as well as accessories. Genuine claims the whole front end may look like a vintage CB350 to exemplify the compatibility between parts.


An air-cooled engine provides all of the power, packing 397.2 cc in a one-lung setup. The cylinder breathes through four poppets, through a Siemens fuel-injection system. The bike will not have traction control or rider modes. When it comes to some of the more unsophisticated systems, the engine comes with a convenient electric starter, as well as a kick-starter, providing real-world insurance against a weak battery or a bad connection.

Power-wise, the company claims 26-horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque, propelling 353-pounds plus without the rider. The transmission is a five-speed standard clutch, with a top speed of just above 80 mph. This may be enough, but in faster traffic, you may need a slower lane. Fuel economy of this bike is great and very attractive, at something around 70 mpg, falling directly into the economic-commuter category.

2019 Genuine Motorcycles G400C Pricing

This bad boy is surely in the budget tier, at $4,600. Black, red or green colors are available, combined with silver badges and black kneepads.


Honda abandoned this type of design, so the Suzuki TU250X is its direct competition. It sticks to the ’70s theme, sporting a teardrop tank with a typical graphic of the period, over a black or a white background.

It underwent a blackout treatment with the rims, fork sliders, triple tree and the headlight can. Instead of chrome, fenders are black. The engine is a 249 cc, air-cooled thumper, producing 12.12 pound-feet of torque, and will get you from zero to 60 mph in 11.8 seconds, which is sluggish and lacks power.