The Energica Motor Company made the world’s first all-electric motorbike which came into the market in 2015. The prototype was upgraded and the new 2019 Energica Ego bike is here. You will be surprised to see what this new model has under the hood. Here’s everything to know about the new Energica Ego bike.

2019 Energica Ego Design

The 2019 Energica Ego comes with a remarkable design. It features a strong brow over a pair of distinctly eye-like headlight projectors. The fairing can open up into a cowl-scoop. Moreover, the front end is extremely minimal. There are short handlebars, a jockey-mount foot controls, and a deep-scoop seat. Hence, you’ll find it easy to have control over it, have a proper riding posture and enjoy an aggressive riding experience.

The new Energica Ego features a fuel-tank hump which looks so realistic that it’s hard to believe it requires no fuel. The tank area is a perfect touch and a great camouflage. This area comes with shoulders that flow into the front fairing. Hence, it forms a leg pocket you need to pull your stems in out of the slipstream.

The seat comes with a lofty pillion and it’s 31.9 inch-high. Moreover, this bike featured Subframe-mount, fold-up footpegs.

The design of 2019 Energica Ego looks remarkable and looks like nothing we’ve seen so far.


The bike has cut-outs in the cowling which make the Trellis frame visible. The structure is completed with a part of the drivetrain. The rear wheel comes with a coil-over Bitubo monoshock, spring-preload adjustment plus an adjustable rebound-damping feature. This will give the rider extra control.

The front brakes feature dual, four-pot Brembo calipers that bite 330 mm brake discs, while the back brakes have a twin-piston Brembo anchor and 240 mm disc. In the front, there is a pair of usd, 43 mm Marzocchi forks with full trinity on tap and the ABS come from Bosch. It gives you an opportunity to use or remove them. The rolling chassis is round out with cast aluminium rims, the front with sticky Pirelli Diablo Rosso III hoops in a 120/70-17 and the back with 180/55-17.


The 2019 Energica Ego can reach the speed to 150 mph thanks to the oil-cooled, permanent-magnet AC motor. This bike features a new electronic throttle which registers inputs as small as one-hundredth of a degree and cruise control which prevents sweating. There is no clutch or switchable gearbox, but only a twist-and-go direct drive.

However, the model has a reverse mode, which will back up at speeds up to 1.74 mph, and four regenerative maps and traction control with unique power-delivery profiles. It is powered by an 11.7 kWh, lithium-polymer battery. The battery has 1,200 cycle life expectancy and can be charged with a Mode 2 or 3 charge for a 100-percent charge in 3.5 hours with the on-board.


We can compare the new Energica Ego to several other models. For instance, let’s see it in comparison with the Zero Motorcycles and their SR model.

The SR model of Zero Motorcycles looks quite different. Both models have ABS protection, but the SR model contains brakes with only a single front disc. On the other hand, Energica Ego features dual anchors. The Eletrica model excels in performance but the Zero Motorcycles’ model runs faster. Moreover, the SR model is more economical, but if you want a better performing bike, you should be willing to pay more.

Energica is a popular brand in Europe, while Zero Motorcycles are a local dominant player in the US. Nevertheless, this is expected to change with the launch of the 2019 Energica Ego.

The new 2019 Energica Ego will cost $22,565 and will be sold in US dealerships in California, Florida, Texas and North Carolina.