3. Old US Highway 91 to Zion

Some believe a one-day road trip is not a road trip, so if you are that type of a person worry no more. Old US Highway 91 to Zion can be a one to two days motorcycle ride depending on your speed and how your saddle rear end is. This ride navigates past some of the most spectacular scenery that Nevada has to offer. Before a faster road which passed through Virgin River Gorge was carved, US Highway 91 was the main road that connected Las Vegas and South Utah.


US Highway 91 is a bit longer than the I-15 but it is worth each and every bit for the rider. The road is not that busy and it makes it easier for the riders to navigate at high or low speeds. The reason why it is the best Las Vegas Motorcycle routes is that it gives you a beautiful view of Red Hills Parkway and Snow Canyon on US highway 18. Motorcycle riders get a chance to pass through some small towns in St George area including Veyo, Gunlock and Dameron Valley. I would advise you to consider riding for two days as you get a chance to have a sleepover at Springdale UT or even inside Zion National park. An experience there will make you be a regular customer.


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