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Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery,...
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NAKTO 350W Electric Bike 26" Commuting E-Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults...
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery,...
NAKTO 350W Electric Bike 26" Commuting E-Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults...
Good Choice
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery,...
Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus Folding Electric Bike with Removable Battery,...
Don't Miss
NAKTO 350W Electric Bike 26" Commuting E-Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults...
NAKTO 350W Electric Bike 26" Commuting E-Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults...

While bicycling has been a decades-long tradition, the appearance of electric bikes or e-bikes is a relatively new phenomenon. They are more like siblings. Electric bike companies have invested their brains in granting you all the liberty and benefits of cycling, with a little extra assistance that comes from integrated electric motors and rechargeable batteries. Some of the best electric bikes under 1000 can flare up your magnificence, which a standard bicycle can never do.

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Electric bikes provide a source of exercise as the battery only allows you to take short brakes from pedaling rather than replacing the pedals. Therefore, salty drops of sweat will no more invade your eyes while working out and arriving at your destination with these bikes.

Moreover, e-bikes are green, well, not in color. They emit lower pollution where global warming has become a significant concern for the modern age.

This article delineates a selection of breathtaking electric bikes to quench your thirst.

Top 10 Best Electric Bikes Under 1000 Dollars Review

1. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER 500W 250W Electric Bike Adult Electric Mountain Bike 26 Electric Bicycle 20Mph with Removable


The best electric bikes under 1000 should aim for both road and mountain adventures that lead us to ANCHEER 500W/250W Adult Electric Mountain Bike. Yes, it provides both at a reasonable price. The features are mind-blowingly detailed to break your lenses!

No worries for day-long cruising as the fitted 500W high-speed brushless motor is enough to power your bike for those working days. You can also hasten your speed up to 20mph. Moreover, the high efficacious lithium-ion battery is a great addition to allow you to travel up to 40 miles per charge. Say goodbye to frequent recharging!

ANCHEER’s high-strength carbon steel frame contributes to its lightweight and supple movements. The aluminum alloy handlebars offer sufficient shock absorption and excellent balance on uneven terrains.

You can enjoy diversity with three added modes- e-bike, assistant bicycle, and normal bicycle mode. The elemental traits suggest ANCHEER being the best electric bike for under 1000 dollars.

Apart from the stunning functions, some dull sides are the disc brake a bit squeaky at high speed, and the chain tends to slip out in high gear. When the battery dies, pedaling becomes grueling. Some reviewers have complained that the motor has contributed to its heavyweight, and even on low gears, they find it hard to dive into hilly areas.

Features Of ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

  • Solid aluminum alloy frame.
  • The weight is 23 kg, including a powerful motor.
  • The bike offers 21-speed shifters.
  • It’s load capacity is 150 kg.

2. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike

NAKTO 26 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike Brushless Gear Motor with Removable Waterproof


NAKTO has gained a dynamic spread by introducing a vigorous electric bike to the rider squad.

From their bike, one of the best electric bikes under 1000 is here to seduce you! NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear EBike is agile and easy to control over rough surfaces. This silky white bike is environment-friendly with a tight price structure.

This 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle is made from a high-grade Carbon steel frame, which is packed with an excellent Carbon Steel front fork. Its top-tier shock absorption is suitable for any abrupt hits. The lightweight electric bike adopts a front V Brake and rear Expansion brake for effortless adjustability and protection from any injury.

You can pick up any speed in line with your demand as the electric bike provides you with a 6 Speed Transmission System.

The removable 36V, 10AH lithium battery is the powerhouse of this bike. It allows you to tour up to 22 to 28 miles (30-45km) while the 250W brushless gear motor delivers a top speed of 18 to 25 mph with pedaling. Its features are relatively appreciable for an economical electric bike. The e-bike will struggle up to steep hills without pedal assistance from riders.

Moreover, night haunting would be extra tempting with the dazzling LED headlamp and a horn. In general, this NAKTO e-bike has all the characteristics of one of the best electric bikes under 1000.

The alluring part is, NAKTO bike and battery approach with a 1- year warranty, they also grant free bike parts throughout the quality assurance phase. This electric bike consists of 2 working modules to choose from- E-bike and assisted bicycle.

The downside of NAKTO is the difficulty of loading onto the bike as it is heavy. Some customers have reported about the electric motor and explained the hardship to stop the bike. Another issue is top adapter might not perform well due to the weight.

Highlighted Features Of NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo EBike

  • 1000 Cycles of battery life.
  • The bike saves 85 % energy during cycling.
  • US Standard DC Smart Charger.
  • It assures EN-15194 safety standards.

3. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike


If you are trying to store your bike inside your closet or trunk, but your bike turns to be a giant, then the solution is Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike, the best folding electric bike under 1000. The Swagtron market is booming right now simply because consumers have realized they want all of the performances of the classic super electric bike with extreme portability.

With the quick-latch, three-fold design, you can fold and unfold the bike in about 15 seconds each. The EB-7’s durable aluminum frame is light, stylish, and maneuverable.

The air-filled rubber tires on 16″ wheels with advanced rear suspension allow you a stable and steadfast ride. Its braking is playful enough for your safety and relieves you from going over the handlebars.

It is packed with a 350W motor whereas other best electric bikes under $1000 contain 250W motors. This robust motor is capable of according speed up to 18.6 mph. The removable 36V lithium-ion battery takes about three to four short hours to charge, whether attached or detached from the frame. Besides, you can swap it out with an additional battery (sold separately). You can ride aggressively up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.

The trip computer on the bike shows your current speed, riding mode, and battery level. System setting adjusting has become swift and painless with the LCD on the handlebar.

The real performance hassle with this bike is, it shows a bit soulless behavior with a heavier rider as it needs more time to reach the destination. The rear brakes might whine a little, though eventually fades away with the constant commuting. The seat is good, but perhaps you might find it slightly uncomfortable.

Prime Features Of Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

  • The tire can take pressure up to 40-65 PSI.
  • Dual-disc brakes come with “Autoguard” brake technology.
  • Removable battery with Lock for easy swapping.
  • Enjoy a 1-year limited Gold-Standard Service.

4. ACHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26/27.5″ Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER 350 500W Electric Bike 26 27.5' Adults Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike


ACHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26/27.5″ Electric Bicycle is the company’s flagship bicycle, giving riders the chance to explore the vim and vigor DNA along with an excellent trail performance.

The aluminum alloy frame contributes to its lightweight and brawny nature. Also, double-walled rims divert the bike into a hard-wearing one, for your reckless riding trials.

This electric bike gets its mass production from the 350W high-speed brushless motor, which energizes your cruising over the mountains. The high-strength front suspension renders a homey environment for your day-to-day commutes. You will feel like riding a motorcycle as the pedal assist and throttle move you fast enough, and the motor lets you accelerate the speed up to 20 mph.

Enjoy the fastest electric mountain bike!

Prolonged outings are child’s play with the vast capacity 36V 7.8 Ah Lithium-Ion SAMSUNG battery. You can run up to 30 miles on your long-cherished gravel trails with ANCHEER 350W, the best ebike under 1000.

The large LCD allows you to monitor your movements. You will also have the LED 4-speed smart meter button so that you can set the assist power in consonance with your demand.

ANCHEERS’s water-resistant (IP65) characteristic will be enough on those drizzling days.

The main issue with the Ancheer 350W is, it does not suit extreme sports, off-road, or downhill biking; however, it will satisfy you with the road and mountain ridings. Some customers have also identified the kickstand to be less adjustable, which makes the bike unsteady and prone to fall over.

ACHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike Feature

  • The front and rear mechanical disc deliver progressive braking even on the wet surface.
  • Shimano 24 speed gear is significant for hill climbing and terrain adaptability.
  • It provides three working modes – Ebike, Assisted bicycle, and Normal bike.
  • Wheels size is 26 inches.

5. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V 13AH


If you ask for the best electric mountain bike under 1000, we will strongly suggest the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH. The company has designed this classic bike to be lightweight and agile, thus making it extremely easy to handle.

Every part of you would admire the sleek, two-tone 6061 aluminum alloy frame, which is resistant to inclement weather. The shock-absorbing Suntour XCT forks can be adjusted for both jagged trails and concrete roads.

A set of polished Tektro mechanical brakes promise a swift and untroubled stopping. Shimano gearing affords 21 speeds for a smooth shifting and subtle transmission, suit the newcomers as well. The gear control on sharp hills are splendid plus gear changes are firm and clear cut.

With the 36v 13 Ah removable battery, you can cover an average distance of 20-40 miles per charge. The dominating performance will make it distinct from other electric bikes in its class, convincing all the diehard explorers.

Prague is neither a money-grubber nor as cheap as other mountain bikes under 300. You would get all the finest quality components at a legitimate price with a 1-year warranty on all electric parts and 2- year warranty on the bike frame.

On the other side of the coin, the battery might be slightly less potent though it will fulfill your demand. Some reviewers have also suggested adjusting the derailleur system to keep the gear on the high end and not slip in the middle gear.

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike 468Wh 36V/13AH Highlighted Features

  • Das-kit, L6B, LCD shows all the necessary settings.
  • Its maximum speed is 24 km/h.
  • Ergonomic lock-on Velo grips with comfortable sitting posture.
  • The rear engine delivers a full torque up to 55 Nm with 36V voltage.

6. ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 26/27.5″ Adults Electric Bicycle/ Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER 350 500W Electric Bike 26 27.5' Adults Electric Bicycle Electric Mountain Bike


If you want a pleasant riding performance without breaking your bank, ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 26/27.5″ Adults Electric Bicycle/ Electric Mountain Bike deserves a test drive, which has proven to be one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

The ANCHEER Blue Spark electric mountain bike is known for its elegant design and top performance, whether you are hitting trails or climbing hills. Your pedaling becomes painless with the 350W high-speed brushless motor that engages enough power to carry out your daily commutes. The balance between 24-speed gearing and five levels of pedal assistance triggers the speed up to 20 mph and remain utterly silent during pedaling. Additionally, the 10.4 Ah Lithium-Ion battery proffers 30 miles of run on a single charge. The aluminum alloy frame has rust and water-resistant finish and comes 85% assembled.

The rainy days are of no concern anymore, as the front and rear mechanical disc brakes are masters of skillful braking. The high-strength aluminum fork absorbs all the knocks and shocks and easily adjustable for rugged trails while the 27.5″ tires add extra power. The upgraded LCD Display monitors your performance throughout the day.

For the night owls cruising would be more fun with LED headlight and horn.

Some of the cons of this electric bike include an uncomfortable saddle and awkward shakes during off-road biking. In this regard, we advise you to use a bit of battery support on steep hills and throttle or pedal assist on flat or shallow slopes.

Highlights Of ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 26/27.5″ Adults Electric Mountain Bike

  • Aluminum alloy double-walled rims.
  • Its load capacity is 330 lbs.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Its weight is about 25 kg.

7. Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike – Foldable Off-Road Fat eBike 20-inch Wheels with Power Assist

Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike - Foldable Off-Road Fat eBike 20-inch Wheels with Power Assist



As soon as Swagtron launched the EB-8 Fat Tire Electric Bike, it instantly hit the stores amid a storm of hype.

The Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike is the best fat electric bike under 1000 and is compact enough to fold into any scanty trunk.

The leading attribute of this electric fat tire mountain bike is its jaw-dropping control over any beaten or lumpy terrain, with the durable 4-inch air-filled wide tires mounted on 20- inch wheels. These tires are also prominent for flawless traction, grip, and shock absorption. The complete front and rear suspensions promote superior balance and maximum off-road mobility, supporting riders up to 120 kg.

A high torque 350W motor utilizes stable throttle power to swarm up steep slopes with no noise or emission. Its removable 36v battery is enclosed in a protective cover, guarding it against immoderate exposure to dust and moisture. A built-in battery lock would not allow the bike to turn on until you unfold it and lock the battery in place. With the combination of a high-power motor and large-capacity battery, the EB-8 can reach maximum speeds of 18.6 and travel up to 21 miles on a single charge.

Shimano SIS 7-Speed System allows precise gear shifting at the push of a button to optimize your speeds.

Like any other best fat tire electric bike, EB-8 added the “Autoguard” braking technology, coupled with dual disc brakes for attested stopping power.

Heads up! You might find this bike to be slightly heavy with an uneasy seat. Some reviewers suggested upgrading the battery case as the remaining one does not hold the battery firmly.

Core Of Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw Fat Tire Electric Bike

  • Climbing capacity is 25˚ with throttle only.
  • Adjustable and removable seats.
  • Choose between 3 riding modes- full throttle, pedal-assist, or pedal only.
  • Shimano MF-TZ21 Freewheel allows the rider to coast smoothly even without pedaling.

8. ANCHEER Folding Electric Ebike, 20 Inch Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike Ebike, 20 Inch Electric Bicycle with 36V 8Ah Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Ebike with 250W Motor and 7 Speed Gears


ANCHEER is one of those rare bike companies that are still trying to keep cycling zestful. One of their latest attempts at doing that is their 20 Inch Folding Electric Bicycle.

To ensure the standard riding quality, they have equipped the ANCHEER Folding Electric Ebike, 20 Inch Electric Bicycle with 20 inches wheels, which are far better than the small ones. You can easily stuff this aluminum alloy foldable frame to any of your vehicles with minimum space. This why this becomes one of the top-quality folding mountain bikes.

The high-strength carbon steel front fork attaches a double-layer aluminum alloy wheel to hand out a top-notch shock absorption. The front and rear disc brake work hard enough, to confirm your safety. All the components of this electric bike are tried and tested to ensure that you have a reliable ride within an economical price structure.

This e-bike is energized by the 350W high-speed brushless gear motor to encourage you to speed up to 15 mph. You can quickly charge the smart lithium-ion battery on or off the frame and enjoy a ride up to 25 km per charge. Go on outings on weekends as the 7-speed Shimano professional transmission system dedicates the premium bike’s satisfactory qualities along with three pedal assist modes.

In brief, ANCHEER has all the luscious features of the best electric bikes under 1000, including a one-year warranty.

Some drawbacks of this bike include the fragile seat post and the indicator lights showing the battery life, which is incorrect sometimes.

Features Of ANCHEER Folding Electric Ebike, 20 Inch Electric Bicycle

  • Three working modes involve E-bike, Assisted bicycle, and Normal bike.
  • Seat height is 27.3- 44.1 inches.
  • 3-speed smart meter button.
  • Bright LED headlamp and horn.

9. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike, 26″ Electric Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike, 26 Electric Bike with 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Premium Full Suspension and 21 Speed Gears


The quality components of ANCHEER 26” Folding Electric Mountain bike, arrive from trustable brands to optimize your ride. The luxurious look of the folding mountain bikes comes at a money-saving price.

The 26″ sturdy aluminum wheels accompanying the anti-slip, wear-resistant tires deliver you an adrenaline-filled mountain bike ride.

You can adjust the handlebar angle for better support. If you are a rough rider with racing instincts, go for a longer stem for a stretched-out position. For comfort seekers, they provide a shorter stem for a more upright position, placing less strain on your back.

The dual suspension dampens the bumps amusingly. Its 8Ah removable Lithium-Ion battery, together with a 250W stable motor, turns over 15 mph speed to run up to 15-30 miles per charge. Ancheer has included a 21-speed professional transmission system and a mechanical disc brake for your protection. Furthermore, you can pick your preferable electric-assist power with LED 3 speed smart meter button. By joining a burst of speed with the throttle, you can draw away from traffic lights.

However, the bike might seem a bit heavy, and the brake might not be good enough to stop you in a pickle. The company has stored the battery in a bag and connected it to the handlebars with Velcro, which makes it is easy to steal.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike, 26″ Electric Bike Highlighted Details

  • High-strength carbon steel front fork.
  • Aluminum Alloy pedal.
  • Bike’s net weight is 27 kg.
  • The load capacity is 150 kg.

10. NAKTO 26″ Electric Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults 250W High Speed Ebike City Electric Bicycle

NAKTO 26 Electric Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults 250W High Speed Ebike City Electric Bicycle with 36V 10AH 12AH Removable Lithium Battery


NAKTO 26″ Electric Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes for Adults 250W High-Speed Ebike City Electric Bicycle has arrived with everything you need, to pootle along country roads, to the office or the shops or just around the park for work out. They provide you with the right configuration and high-cost performance.

The high-quality carbon ferroalloy frame is water-resistant and more resilient than other ordinary structures. Its braking mechanism includes a front V brake and rear expansion brake to make your stopping smooth and safe even on snowy or rainy days.

This bike comes with a bright headlight and allows riders weighing up to 250 lb. Build your authority with this best e-bike under 1000!

The keylock system keeps the 36V 12 Ah lithium battery safe from thieves, and the lever under the seat allows you to flip it forward for easy battery removal. You can cruise about 22-28 miles on single charging of the battery.

The 95% assembly of the bike is relatively straightforward. Between E-bike & Assisted bicycle working modes, E-bike mode will reduce the stress on a blustery day or during hill-climbing, whereas Assisted bicycle mode will remove the pressure off your ride. NAKTO renders a 1-year warranty for battery, motor, and other parts along with professional after-sales service.

NAKTO is not the lightest electric bike ever, but it does have satisfactory functions. Some customers notify about the basket being dropping, and the kickstand not being secure enough to lock the bike into a place.

Prime Of NAKTO 26″ Electric Bike 6 Speed Electric Bikes

  • “Camel” with PAS Function can save 85% energy during cycling.
  • Electric Power Smart Display and US Standard DC smart LED Charger.
  • Top grade Shimano 6 Speed Gears.
  • Bikes net weight is 40-57 lbs./ 50-70 lbs. (with battery).

How to choose the best electric bike under $1000

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Before spending your hard-earned money on an electric bike, you need to verify the e-bike feels like it was made for you and meets the maximum of your demand.

Things you should consider


The e-bikes come mostly in aluminum alloy frames though carbon fiber is also an alternative. In the case of material weight, carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum, yet frame weights can vary for other factors such as the design, motor, and battery sizes. The lighter model is the key to extraordinary riding and easy carrying. Another thing is to feel the stiffness of a frame; if you are often riding, you need to find comfort with it. Most of all, trust your visual contentment with the frame.

Battery Backup

A favorable battery determines its efficiency and the distance you can travel on a single charge. The typical battery is 36V on most e-bikes with some at 24V and others at 48V. High volt is a shock hazard, and we recommend avoiding it for your safety concerns.

A lithium-ion battery has the best combination of total weight and capacity. The extraordinary privilege of this battery is the specific capacity, which is the highest of all existing types. Furthermore, Study the size, weight, charging time, and total battery life for better mileage.

Position of the motor

Electric bikes contain three types of motor positioning – front, rear, and middle.

The front hub motor distributes the strain between the front wheel (motor power) and rear wheel (riders weight) suited for everyday riders who seek a comfortable, safe, and well-balanced ride. Front motor e-bikes face traction problems at low speeds or on a steep track.

The rear motor allows maneuverable front end by putting all your weight on the motor. Riders who often go on loose tracks or off-road, get the most traction with it. Although, it puts the rear wheel under significant strain and causes spokes to break frequently.

The expensive middle motor distributes weight evenly on the front and rear parts, using the low center of gravity for expert MTB riding. They permit quick release options and internal hub gears but put the drive-chain under stress leading to the frequent replacement of motor accessories.

Top speed

You should choose a speed according to your state regulations. The average speed of e-bikes is up to 20 mph. Some can provide pedal assist up to 28 mph while some e-bikes feature a race track mode with electric assist, removing the 28-mph limit, regardless of how fast you are pedaling. However, the average speed is safe and suitable for any travel. Some factors contribute to speed, such as wheel size, voltage, motor power, etc.


Not all electric bikes available in the market share similar features. You should choose the features that go with your demand and comfort. These features include resistant tires, adjustable handlebars, comfy pedals, nimble brakes, modern frames, etc. Try to opt for models with a combination of both throttle and pedal assist, as it will save the battery from dying fast. Check for good locks to prevent someone from riding away with your bike. Skip the cable brakes. If you desire outstanding braking force, go for hydraulic disc brakes. Also, look out for other features- carrier rack, fenders, and gears.


Always check trustworthy sources to find a reliable e-bike. Make sure to verify the quality of brakes, battery, motor, and tires for a convenient and secure ride. The warranty for e-bikes and their components matters, so never let go of this part. Moreover, scan through the reviews and experiences from the former buyers.

Don’t let the price fool you as the lavish vehicle is not always the durable one. Low-priced e-bikes can also provide the highest quality and high-cost performance if the components are long-lasting enough.

Benefits Of Buying Electric Bikes

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Apart from maintaining physical and mental health, the brilliant e-bike also serves other far-reaching duties.

  1. Electric bikes can save you some sweat with their electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. So, you can burn some calories without becoming all drenched while you are wearing your formal suits.
  2. Electric bikes come with resistant tires that can withstand any aggressive surface, unlike many other vehicles. They can aid you up steep slopes and help you cover ground faster with a powerful motor within less time and effort. Besides, if the battery drains out, you can pedal as well to conquer the distance.  It sounds like a healthy workout, right?
  3. Riding an electric bike doesn’t require additional licenses or insurance. They can save your bridge tolls and parking lot fees as well. Most importantly, they don’t need petrol or diesel, which are costly in most countries. So, even if e-bikes may be a bit pricey, you would still be the winner to fill your bank accounts.
  4. Most electric bikes can travel up to 35 km per charge while regular bicycle riders will be exhausted within these distances. Moreover, the e-bike rider can choose the power and electrical energy for easy or harder rides.
  5. Riding e-bikes can contribute to less climate change by effectively removing petrol guzzlers from the roads. Stop leaving carbon footprints and save the world.


We hope our listing of the best electric bikes under 1000 will help to make your big decision a bit easier. The foremost thing is to be realistic about your skills, goals, and where you ride. The reality is, $1000 is a large quantity to buy an e-bike for some people. But dunking to low in pricing can provide you an average quality and compromised components. If an e-bike is more than a vehicle to you, you may want to invest the right amount of your budget on a long-lasting e-bike.

What’s stopping you now?

An electric bike is a rideable art. Don’t ride it to add days to your life. Ride it to add life to your days. Let each ride fly you away from your gloomy life. Let each ride replace your tears with the sweat of fulfillment. Embrace your sweat as it is your essence.

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XPRIT 26'' Electric Bike, LCD Display, Shimano Shifter, Dual Brake,Full...
  • ATTENTION: Please check our assembly video in this listing before you start to assemble the bike.
  • [Long Range Battery] : UL2271 Certified 36V/10Ah Li-ion Capacity provides maximum of 27.9 miles travel range at pedal assisting.
  • [Powerful Motor] : With 250W Brushless Motor, the E-bike could easily boost to 15.5 mph.
  • [Professional Shift] : The E-bike is equipped with Authentic Professional 7-Speed Shimano Gear Shifter.
  • [Dual Braking] : Front Linear Pull & Rear Disc Brake for Cruiser; Dual Disc Brake for Conqueror.