Best flat road bike pedals

When it comes to making things easy for yourself when riding a road bike, the flat bike pedal that you’ve been using since childhood is the most incredible option for you. A sturdy flat pedal that is best and most handy for your lifestyle is an essential and effective flat pedal.

Top Pick
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Large Black
Good Pick
TIME Unisex's Xpresso 2 Pedals, Black, One Size
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SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324,road, Alloy Steel
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Large Black
TIME Unisex's Xpresso 2 Pedals, Black, One Size
SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324,road, Alloy Steel
Top Pick
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Large Black
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Large Black
Good Pick
TIME Unisex's Xpresso 2 Pedals, Black, One Size
TIME Unisex's Xpresso 2 Pedals, Black, One Size
Also Consider
SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324,road, Alloy Steel
SHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324,road, Alloy Steel

You have many options when it comes to road bike flat pedals. Naturally, with so many choices, determining the best option for you can be difficult.

Comparison Table:

We’re here to help you make your decision a little easier. Continue reading to learn more about the best flat pedals for road bikes currently available. We’ve also compiled a buyer’s guide to assist you in figuring out what to look for while making your decision.

Top Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike

1. Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Road Bike Pedals

Crankbrothers Stamp Flat Road Bike Pedals


The Crankbrothers Stamp is well-suited to riding on the road. This flat pedal, in our opinion, is even better in terms of quality and features. As a result, it’s a fantastic option for anyone wishing to upgrade to a premium flat pedal.

It has a 9/16 spindle, which means it will fit on any bike. Thanks to the extensive surface area and ten adjustable hex pins on each side, it’s also a tremendous gripping pedal.

The durability is our favorite feature of this platform pedal. Composite is used for the body, and Chromoly steel is used for the spindle. When used in the bundle, this pedal becomes one of the most premium road bike pedals available.

It is also lightweight. The pedals are ideal for beginners since they are very efficient and provide a lot of stability. Not only that, but the pedals are also incredibly inexpensive, so you won’t have to break the bank to get them. They’re also suitable for intermediate and experienced cyclists, making them highly adaptable.


  • This platform pedal is of the highest quality.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors.
  • A Chromoly steel spindle is used in these flat pedals for road bikes.
  • These pedals are built of a sturdy composite material that allows them to withstand a lot of use.

2. Alston Road Bicycle Flat Pedals

Alston Road Bicycle Flat Pedals


The Alston Road Bicycle Flat pedals are excellent aluminum pedals. It has a one-of-a-kind three-bearing structure and a large enough platform surface. It’s also simple to set up and compatible with a wide range of bikes.

They’re not too big or too little to make riding your bike inconvenient. It’s also great for relaxed or somewhat more intensive commutes because of the ten anti-slip nails on either side.

This one-of-a-kind stroke pedal is noted for its innovative design and smooth performance, making it one of the best flat pedals for road cyclists. It provides an incredible amount of durability and a stable riding surface.

But wait, there’s more: it’s easy to set up for quick and smooth pedaling. It also features superb grips to keep your shoes from slipping while riding your bike in a wet environment.


  • This bike pedal is both light and of excellent quality.
  • It has a smooth grip that allows you to pedal rapidly.
  • The bearings are solid and will not break.
  • It makes sense for new riders to learn how to pedal well.
  • The pedals are easy to set up.

3. Time Xpresso 2 Pedals

Time Xpresso 2 Pedals


The Time Xpresso 2 pedals are a great place to start if you’re looking for one-sided road bike pedals. The Xpresso 2 has an excellent wide platform, which gives it a lot of stability. After putting everything together, the pedal is a fantastic choice for those transitioning from mountain bike-style pedals.

Clipping in feels more natural with the Time Xpresso 2’s weight balance. Many road pedals require you to use your toe to spin the pedal over and then clip in all in one fluid motion. The Xpresso 2’s weight distribution ensures that the pedal is always in the ideal spot for your cleat, allowing you to clip in right away and increasing your confidence.


  • These pedals are shock, abrasion, corrosion-resistant, and capable of withstanding heavy pressure because of their superior build quality.
  • They’re simple to set up and take only a few minutes to finish.
  • The axle is constructed of robust sealed Cr-Mo steel, and the body is made of tough Nylon for longer life.

4. Race Face Atlas Pedals

Race Face Atlas Pedals


Although Race Face Atlas Pedals are the underdog in the cycling gear sector, they have ensured that the quality of their pedals is excellent. The vast metal body is exceptionally light, and it features a double concave platform for an optimal footrest.

The Atlas pedal set looks elegant and incredibly sturdy, thanks to the Chromoly axle and hex traction pins. The pedals are extremely light and sturdy, so they will last a long time and won’t make you feel weighed down while riding.

They’re a great alternative no matter where you’re at in your cycling journey because they’re easy to set up and ride. The Race Face’s performance and style are cutting-edge, placing it among professional cyclists’ top challengers. The Race Face Atlas Pedals stand out with their rusty orange color.


  • The exact grip as most typical alloy pedals plus a fully serviced bearing and bushing system make this pedal a fantastic value for money.
  • Each pedal features a sealed outboard bearing combined with a sealed bushing.
  • These pedals are exceptionally light, making pedaling a breeze.
  • These pedals have a simple setup procedure that should just take a few minutes.

5. Shimano M324 SPD Pedals

Shimano M324 SPD Pedals


The Shimano M324 SPD pedals are an excellent place to start if you’ve never used a dual-platform pedal before. On one side, a Shimano SPD mechanism is there, while on the other, a standard pedal design is present. As a result, you can use these pedals with either special shoes or regular shoes when using the usual platform side.

Shimano introduces MTB, an extended border lifestyle, to fulfill the SPD’s needs. Shimano has increased the power of these pedals as well as the rider’s control over an adventurous riding style by combining these two components. You will definitely receive two cleats, regardless of the delivery. For commuting or touring, these pedals deliver excellent results.


  • With the help of a cleat retention adjustment, you may change the in or out tension.
  • A 15mm wrench is required for installation, which is pretty simple.
  • A set of 2-bolt cleats is included in the box.
  • The axle is made of Chromoly Steel, with a barrel finish body made of Aluminum.
  • This pedal can be utilized for various purposes due to its dual-platform design.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike - Buyer's Guide

Bike flat pedals aren’t something you’ll buy regularly. As a result, it’s critical to devote sufficient time to screening for several crucial considerations. If you’re looking for the best road bike flat pedals, prepare a list of your requirements.

If you’re a beginner we recommend reading through our article on the best road bikes for beginners.

However, there are a few essential factors to watch out for. This is where we’ll discuss them.

1. Weight

Your decision may or may not be influenced by the weight of your new flat pedal. A couple of extra ounces won’t make much of a difference if you’re riding a heavy bike.

Look for a lighter pedal if you’re concerned about weight and own a more expensive, more lightweight bike. Look for a pedal that is around 11 ounces in weight for a lighter pedal. Over 14 ounces for heavier pedals.

2. Durability

Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike - Buyer's Guide - Durability

You don’t want to buy a cheap quality flat pedal that breaks after a few trips; therefore, durability is an essential factor to consider when looking for a good pedal.

Some people choose the cheapest option without doing their homework, so get the best-built pedal while keeping your budget in mind. Because Nylon, Aluminum, or carbon was used in the production, these would last an extended period.

3. Cycling Mode

Consider this: do you continuously cycle the length of your journey? Or do you get off your bike and take a walk every now and then?

Three-hole cleat road cycling pedals are designed for riders who spend most of their time on their bicycles. Flat pedals with no cleats are for casual or recreational cyclists who get off their bikes sometimes.

4. Size of Pedals

Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike - Buyer's Guide - Size of Pedals

When looking into a sealer, you should be able to find different sizes for pedals. Make sure you know how to fit your bike correctly. It requires a pedal that meets the requirements of the bike.

Don’t listen to your gut and go with what appears to be the best decision. You’ll see the current size and measurement on the product information page. Make sure to look over these and buy something that fits the pedal requirements of your bike.

5. Pins

You can pick between pedals with pins and those with a crenulated or notched cage. Pedals with pins, on the other hand, function better. The majority of pins in platform road bike pedals are designed to interact with the tread of standard mountain bike shoes. It implies they’re more likely to give you a more secure hold on the road.

However, there is a disadvantage to this. These pedals are only compatible with mountain bike shoes, and they may not function with regular dress shoes like the ones you wear to work.

6. Cost

Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike - Buyer's Guide - Cost

Many potential consumers consider purchasing a low-cost pedal. We all know that saving a few dollars is one of everyone’s favorite things, but let’s not let our desire to save lead to poor quality. You can choose from a variety of low-cost pedal alternatives.

However, be prepared to be disappointed by several features that these pedals will be unable to provide. The majority of them have poor building quality. It puts your overall safety in jeopardy.

Instead, you can choose from a variety of sensible solutions. These aren’t necessarily the cheapest solutions, but they do offer a nice set of fundamental functions for a reasonable price. You will always get a better return on your money if you invest wisely. A low-cost, low-quality pedal, on the other hand, is a waste of money.

If you need tips on how to remove and change your bike pedals check out this article.


Don’t worry if your cycling equipment isn’t up to par; instead, invest in the correct pedals for a smooth and comfortable ride. Getting new road bike flat pedals may appear to be a pain at first, but once you get them installed, you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of mending low-quality pedals.

It will be well worth every penny and every second of your time. As a result, considering factors before purchasing can help you get the best product at the most reasonable prices.

Choose one of the above-mentioned top flat pedals for road bikes for the most incredible riding and gliding experience with grip.

There are a variety of platform forms to pick from, and riding equipment manufacturers have considered the width of the platform, so don’t be concerned. After reviewing our detailed market research report, whichever option you choose will be a good one.

If you need a new affordable road bike, then we have a perfect article for you!


Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike - FAQs

1. What makes flat pedals so beneficial?

Flat pedals are frequently seen as superior because they provide a broader platform for your shoe. They’re also seen to be an outstanding choice because they may be used with any shoe rather than only cleated ones.

Furthermore, flat pedals are more comfortable when riding in traffic or over small distances daily. Or perhaps you just want to go about in comfortable shoes.

2. Can shoes affect your pedal types?

Your footwear influences the type of pedals you utilize. Most flat pedals can be used with regular cycling shoes. Whether you ride to work or push the terrain regularly, these pedals offer a lot of versatility.

3. Is there an actual difference between clipless and regular pedals?

Clipless pedals differ from traditional pedals in that they provide more power on the upstroke.

They assist you in generating more power on the downstroke and the upstroke, which helps you increase your riding performance. It enables you to move more quickly in less time. Yes, they do make a considerable difference.

Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Nylon Fiber Non-Slip 9/16 Inch Bicycle Platform Flat...
  • Wide Platform Pedals: Lightweight Nylon composite body with a concave platform offers an optimal surface area for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency.
  • Build to last: Fully sealed bearing bicycle pedals keep spindles from water and dust which ensure great durability and performance.
  • Safety first: 12 replaceable hex-head threaded traction pins per side offer more bite for increased grip and control.
  • Easy to install: 4.8*4.1*0.9 inches, L for left pedal, R for right pedal. Standard 9/16” sturdy Chromoly steel axle bearing fits for most bikes.
  • Universally: Suitable for commuting, recreational riding, BMX, cruisers bicycle, kids' bikes, road bicycles, MTB bicycle, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle,...
Road/Mountain Bike Pedals - 3 Bearings 9/16” Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedals -...
  • 【Anti-Skid & Great Grips】: The lightweight, durable flat pedals are built around a aluminum chassis and offer top contact to your bike with their 7 pins per pedal...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】: Made of Aluminum Alloy body, Cr-Mo Steel Spindle and equally distributed antiskid nails- Lightweight, unbreakable and offer better grip force. CNC...
  • 【Sealed 3 Bearings Pedals】: Bearing reduces rotational resistance, 3 bearings make cycling more comfortable
  • 【Wider Platform】: It is a wider, more comfortable pedal, 4.13(L)*4.02(W)*0.315(H)inches in size, only 0.34LB each
  • 【Easy To Install】: L for left pedal, R for right pedal, 9/16 inch spindle suitable for most mountain bike, road bike, etc, this model pedal is covered by 3 years...
CXWXC Road/MTB Bike Pedals - Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Pedals - Mountain Bike Pedal...
  • 【Anti-Skid & Great Grips】: The lightweight, durable flat pedals are built around a aluminum chassis and offer top contact to your bike with their 8 pins per pedal...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】: The CNC pedal body and the hardened and tempered Cr-Mo axle in combination with sealed cartridge bearings guarantee a long lasting durability in...
  • 【Easy To Install】: L for left pedal, R for right pedal, 9/16 inch spindle suitable for most mountain bike, road bike, etc, this model pedal is covered.
  • 【Wider Platform】: It is a wider, more comfortable pedal, 4.13(L)*4.09(W)*0.9(H)inches in size, only 0.4LB each
  • Need tools to unscrew the Nails
FOOKER Bike Pedals Non-Slip Aluminum Alloy MTB Mountain Bike Pedals 3 Bearing...
  • 1.Pedal : High strength aluminum alloy 6061 material, Cr-Mo steel axle CNC machined, 9/16’’ Standard spindle, suitable for most mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes,...
  • 2.Design: Using new style of reverse installation anti-slip nail, offering strong grasps, 3 bearings, better pedals rotary lubrication;
  • 3.Weight & Size: 0.36lb, 4.16’’*3.99’’*0.8’’ each;
  • 4.Surface treatment: Fine polish, bright surface, perfect to your bicycles;
  • 5.Manufacturer Warranty: We provide 3 years warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Any quality problems, please feel free to contact us. We will try out best to solve...
Imrider MTB Bike Pedals Aluminum Bicycle Pedals Flat Lightweight Mountain Road...
  • 【Anti-Skid AND LIGHTWEIGHT】: The lightweight, durable flat pedals are built around an aluminum chassis. the studs effectively prevent your shoes from sliding off.
  • 【Great Grips AND DURABLE】: The CNC pedal body and Sealed bearing biking pedals protect spindles from water and dust. guarantee long-lasting durability in any terrain,...
  • 【Easy To Install】: We have divided the pedals on the left and right with signs, 9/16 inch spindle suitable for most mountain bike, road bike, etc.
  • 【9/16 Inch Screw Thread 】: It fits most bikes, 3.9(L)*3.65(W)*1.0(H)inches in size, 0.4LB each only.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: IMRIDER ensures you a risk-free purchase! We offer you a full money back with any questions.
SHIMANO PD-EH500 SPD & Flat Dual Sided Bike Pedal for Indoor Cycling & Urban...
  • A pedal with a flat surface on one side and a SPD / 2-hole clip-in on the other. Whether you are wearing sneakers or indoor cycling-specific shoes, this user-friendly,...
  • Dual-sided for use with SPD / 2-hole cleat compatible shoes and flat sole shoes
  • SPD / 2-hole clip-in on one side
  • Grippy flat pedal on the other side
  • Adjustable cleat tension
Favoto Bike Pedal Mountain Road Bicycle Wide Flat Platform Pedals, 9/16" Screw...
  • YOUR PEDALS NEEDS REPLACED – Pedals hardly ever get serviced. When the bushes or bearings become worn, it becomes a problem. When pedals start feeling rough or have...
  • EASY TO INSTALL –- Favoto bike pedals is marked R and L. L for left; R for right. Simply 3 steps will finish the install, it only takes about minutes.
  • NON-SLIP and CLASSIC COLOR –- Good platform bike pedals come with raised pins on them. This is to help your foot from sliding off. This is great for all riders but...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT –- International standard 9/16 inch screw thread fits for most brand bikes, for BMX, MTB, mountain bike, Hybrid bike, cruiser, commuter bike, dirt jumper,...
  • SOLID MATERIAL --- Favoto bike pedals are made of high strength aluminum alloy and sealed bearings, these make pedals lightweight, and to keep out grime and any other...
ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Pedals Flat MTB Pedals Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform...
  • LARGE PEDALS: 110mm wide platform fully support the soles of the feet, make your riding trip more safer.
  • ANTI-SKID NAIL: Up to 10 anti-skid nails on each side provide more secure on the pedals and hold your feet in place.
  • SOLID & DURABLE: Rugged nylon fiber surface and high strength Cr-Mo spindle pedals is wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • SEALED BEARING: Fully sealed bearing bicycle pedals keep spindles from water and dust which ensure great durability and performance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: CR-L for left pedal and CR-R for right pedal. Standard 9/16" spindle fits for BMX, MTB, Folding, Road or Mountain Bikes.
Road/Mountain Bike Pedals - 3 Bearings Bicycle Pedals - 9/16” CNC Machined...
  • 【Wide Platform Pedals】: This lightweight pedals the scales at a svelte 332-grams and has a rugged aluminum alloy composite platform. The platform size is 100 x 104mm...
  • 【Great Grips】: There are 16 replaceable pins per pedal (8 per side) that provide solid grip with good foot placement. Whether you're grinding up an ultra-technical...
  • 【Easy to Install】: The install was super easy. The bike pedals are labeled L and R (L stands for left and R stands for right) so as not to get confused. They can...
  • 【Smooth Bearings】: 3 Sealed bearing bicycle pedals protect spindles from water and dust which will cause noise and other problems, let you enjoy cycling in raining or...
  • 【Sturdy & Durable】: This bike flat pedals was made with CNC integration aluminum alloy material,give you a sense of security. The spindle was made of...