Bikes are like rabbits. If you don’t watch out, they just seem to multiply.

If you have a road bike you will probably be intrigued by those bridleways and rough lanes you keep passing. Before you know it you’ll have bought a gravel bike to explore them. That will whet your appetite and it would be a shame not to have a mountain bike for all those trail centres. If you have a partner who likes biking, that’s instantly going to double your bike stock. Throw a few kids into the mix and your garage will be full before you know it.

So, you might have started to think about how you are going to make space for the car again. Or maybe you need to get to the lawn mower. Or you might just need to make space for an e-bike. And why not?!

It’s probably about time you found a better way to store your bikes than that big pile in the shed or garage.

You might have considered some floor stands, or even one of those things that looks like a big toast rack? But you know that’s just going to use up all your floor space quicker than you can say ‘sliced white’.

Using the walls is a great way to leave space on the floor for bigger stuff like a lawn mower or a car. Maybe a bike wall mount is the answer. Perhaps simple bike hooks or garage hooks would do the trick. Or maybe an all-singing-all-dancing wall mounted bike rack would be cheaper and easier to install. For more details check GearHooks .

We’re going to look at a whole load of bike wall mounts and wall mounted bike racks, along with a couple of floor racks, to help you decide which is going to work best for you. We’ve taken a good look at a few options including:

  • a bike floor stand for 1 bike
  • floor mounted bike racks for 3 or more bikes
  • vertical and horizontal bike wall mounts for 1 bike
  • wall mounted bike racks for 3 or more bikes

Hopefully one of them will suit you down to the ground! We’re also going to try to answer a few common questions about how to store bikes, especially if you are thinking of using the wall.

So let’s wade in….

Can you store bikes on the floor in a shed or garage?

You can store bikes on the floor, no problem. It’s what most people do. The problem is that they use up all the floor space. If they are all leant up against the wall, and each other, you may have to move all the bikes to get to the one you want, which can get pretty tiresome, pretty quickly. Having the bikes all touching means they will probably get scratched or the gears and pedals all get tangled up and damaged. A floor mounted rack will solve these problems but it will still use up all your floor space.

Can you hang a bike on a wall?

Yes. It’s a great way to save space and will clear the floor for other things, like a sofa or a car. Just make sure the wall is solid enough and that you are allowed to drill holes in it.

How can I hang my bike on the wall?

You have two choices ; horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal wall bike mounts mean you can mount a bike horizontally by the top tube, the saddle or even the pedals. If you’ve got a fancy bike it will look great and it turns your bike into wall art. The disadvantages are that you have to lift them onto the mount and, if you have more than one or two bikes, they will use all your wall space very quickly.

Vertical wall bike mounts allow you to hang the bike upright on the wall, usually by the front wheel. This will save space and it’s possible to mount bikes with the back wheel on the ground or the bikes higher on the wall. If you do both, you can stagger the handlebars and double the storage capacity on the wall. If you have lots of bikes there are some wall mounted bike racks for multiple bikes that really save space.

– Is it OK to hang the bike from the wheel?

Yes. Bike wheels are meant to withstand huge loads (think of an adult riding over a kerb). If it’s on a hook, a thick rubber coating on a hook will protect the rim. If your bike has suspension forks then it’s actually better for them to be stored this way, so the oil in the stanchions keeps the seals moist.

– Are vertical bike racks any good?

Yes. Vertical bike racks will allow you to store lots of bikes in a very small space. On some ’double decker’ wall mounted bike racks, handlebars can be overlapped to save even more space. Most are quicker and easier to fit than lots of separate bike wall mounts and they allow much more flexible and adaptable bike spacing on a long rail.

We explore all of these options, and products you can buy, in the sections below:

Floor mounting bike stands for 1 or more bikes

These are a big step up from leaning your bike against the wall. They need little or no installation and can be moved very easily when you come to reorganise things.

The big downside of any floor standing bike rack is that it will use up your valuable floor space especially if you have 3 or 4 bikes to store. Not ideal in a shed where you may want to store a lawn mower or garden furniture on the floor. Even in a garage, floor space is at a premium, especially if you keep your car in there.

Multiple racks, like a row of hoops, can be a bit limited in terms of how many bikes you can stack together without the handlebars getting tangled. You also can’t usually get big fat MTB tyres in between the hoops easily and skinny road wheels can fall sideways leaving the bike resting on the spokes.

Let’s look at a few options:

1. Pro bike stand – £20.00 or thereabouts

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. The Pro Bike Stand lets you stand one bike up in the middle of a room.

It’s a really simple design consisting of a folded steel bracket with a couple of prongs that slide into the rear axle of the bike. There’s also an angled base that the back wheel sits on to stabilise the whole thing and stop the bike falling over. It will accommodate most bike types and wheel sizes although there is another version for 29” wheels.

What we like:

– really simple
– not too expensive
– easy to use

Something to think about:

– if you only have one bike it’s a cheap solution. If you have 4 or 5 bikes it gets expensive.

2. Thane Bike Nook – £49.98

This is an interesting way to store a bike on the floor but keep it upright to save space. At £50 a pop you probably won’t want to use it for more than 1 or 2 bikes though. It’s made by Thane, which is a USA based company but it’s manufactured in China and sold through dealers in the UK.

It comprises an L shaped steel frame with sideways legs to stop it all falling over. It is adjustable and works with most wheel sizes and even kids’ bikes. The bike is held upright by a V slot that ‘catches’ the bike on the seat post. In this position you will have to strap the front wheel to the frame to stop it twisting sideways. There are going to be a few issues using it with bikes that have rear mudguards or carriers but there is a Pro version that caters for that.

What we like :

– space saving
– gets the bike upright without hanging
– looks pretty cool

Something to think about:

– it’s going to get expensive for more than one bike
– dogs or kids could knock the bike over quite easily

3. Mottez 5 bike floor stand – £30 – 90.00

Lots of people make these, but this one is from French manufacturer Mottez. Halfords sell them in the UK among others.

Floor standing bike racks like this all do the same kind of job, trapping the front wheel in a pair of hoops so the bike remains upright. They generally work for most wheel and tyre sizes but thinner tyres will mean the bikes lean over onto the spokes. You won’t get some fat MTB tyres into the hoops at all.

Mottez do an adjustable version that will even accommodate Fat Bike tyres but it’s a lot more expensive. In a rack like the one pictured, adjacent handlebars will clash with each other, limiting how many bikes you can get into the rack. Some models stagger alternate bikes, one high, one low to avoid this.

What we like:

– quick and simple solution
– easy to move around
– nothing much to go wrong

Something to think about:

– if you have road bikes and mountain bikes some may not fit unless the floor rack is adjustable

4. GearUp OakRak – £179.00

We didn’t know which category to put this in. It stands on the floor but it’s really a cross between a floor and a wall mounting bike stand. Its main advantage is that you can mount bikes as if they were on the wall without drilling into the wall itself.

The Gear Up OakRak, floor to ceiling bike rack, wedges itself between the floor and ceiling. You can slide the rack apart to cater for different height ceilings. It is made in America from American Red Oak with a hand-rubbed oil stain finish, harvested from sustainable sources. It’s suitable for 2 bikes but can be upgraded to hold 4 with the optional adaptor. Each bike is held in vinyl coated arms which are independently adjustable for use with all frame types, shapes and sizes.

What we like:

– mounts bikes ‘on the wall’ without drilling
– displays the bikes nicely
– eco friendly and it’s made of wood

Something to think about:

– the cost

5. Delta Gravity Rack – £79.00


Similar to the OakRak, this allows you to store bikes as if they were fixed to the wall without drilling. With Gravity Racks though, they just lean against the wall.

Gravity Racks are handy if you want to store and display your bikes. Because you are putting them flat against the wall and stacking one above the other, they save quite a bit of space. We are not sure how stable they would be if you gave them a good clack but for a quick way to store a couple of bikes they are OK.

What we like:

– easy to fit – just lean it up
– saves space by stacking bikes
– adjustable arms for any frame shape

Something to think about:

– dogs could knock the bike over quite easily and kids will see it as a climbing frame

Horizontal Bike Wall Mounts for 1 bike

Holding the bike flat against the wall will save space because the bike won’t stick out so far. But you will quickly fill up the available wall space so it’s only really suitable for 1 or 2 bikes.

These are often used and usually pictured in a beautiful lounge or in a corridor but bear in mind it’s a bike you’re hanging up. If it’s been out in the mud, and even if you have washed it, it’s likely to drip water, mud or oil all over your shag pile.

Also, bear in mind that most are designed for a bike with a flat top tube and the bike needs to be lifted onto the wall mount. If you’ve got a mountain bike, ladies bike or a really heavy e-bike you might want to look at something that hangs the bike by the front wheel instead.

1. Cactus Tongue – £50.00 – £135.00

The Cactus Tongue is a laser cut and folded sheet metal bike wall mount with sewn leather sleeves to hold your bike horizontally on the wall. We like it because it’s just a lovely piece of wall art that also holds a bike. And it’s designed and made in the UK. This stainless steel version costs £135.00.

It is designed specifically for road bikes, which can be hung by the top tube or handlebars for versatility in a variety of locations. It holds the bike 25cm off the wall so it will work for bikes with handlebar widths of less than 50cm.

The top of the price range hanger is formed from stainless steel and is decked with your choice of coloured handmade leather sleeves that gently cushion your pride and joy. They also make a powder coated (£97.00) and a wire frame version (£50.00).

What we like:

– looks amazing
– stainless steel and leather so it’s a premium product
– also allows you to hang by the handlebars

Something to think about:

– you can’t adjust the two supports, so unless the top tube is completely flat, the bike will be at an angle on the wall

2. Bike Shelf – from £30.00 – £160.00

There are dozens of this kind of thing on Etsy. They are usually handmade, often in wood. This one is made by TamsWoodworkShop and costs £54.99.

Bike shelves offer a way to store a road bike horizontally against the wall. They usually also have a shelf and maybe hooks, slots or an enclosed space for a helmet, keys, tool and so on. Most will only work with road bikes with a flat top tube. They generally can’t be used with mountain bikes and you need to be careful with heavy bikes to make sure its properly fixed to the wall and that you can lift it onto the shelf.

What we like:

– also has space for a helmet (or a pot plant)
– it’s eco friendly and sustainable
– naturally strong cantilever design

Something to think about:

– great for 1 bike but might start to look fussy, and be expensive, for any more

Be careful to check where they are coming from as this is a worldwide site which will affect delivery times and costs.

3. Cycloc Solo – £69.00


This unusual looking solution looks a bit like a bucket and is also made of plastic. That’s good though because it’s available in a whole range of funky colours and it’s not going to scratch the paintwork. It lets you to store your bike indoors horizontally or vertically. They say that it provides an elegant and effortless cycle storage solution for your home, office or retail display.

One of the main benefits is that it allows the bike to be locked onto the hanger although a serious thief would saw through the whole thing in seconds. The ability to mount bikes at 90 degrees means the bike can hang vertically if you want.

What we like:

– plastic so it won’t scratch your bike
– wide choice of colours
– lockable

Something to think about:

– ok for 1 bike but, as with many others, this will use up your wall space in no time

4. Hiplock Airlock – £149.99

The big benefit of this baby is the ‘Sold Secure’ Gold & ART Security Ratings. You aren’t going to be able to saw this off the wall. AIRLOK’s hardened steel frame and integrated 30mm hardened steel locking pin keep your bike very safe. Even if you prize it off the wall you will struggle to get it off the bike itself.

The impact resistant rubberised mouth protects the bike from damage. It can be used indoors or outdoors and can accommodate a wide variety of bike frames, although, like all of this type of product, you need a fairly flat top tube for it to work. Lifting it up high (over a desk perhaps) might be a challenge and it’s not ideal for a dirty bike.

What we like:

– really good security levels
– heavy duty construction
– looks pretty cool

Something to think about:

– do you need to spend £150 to get the security benefits this offers?

5. GearHooks BRZ1 – £32.70

Not the catchiest name (Bike Rack horizontal for 1 bike) but it’s the simplest and cheapest of the bunch. Two folding arms hold a road bike parallel to the wall and they can be offset to get the bike level. The arms fold flat against the wall when the rack is not being used and it still looks pretty cool.

It’s made of 8mm steel bar with thick PVC sleeves to protect the bike. It fits with just two holes and super-heavy duty fixings. A simple cable or D-lock can be used through the frame to secure the bike. It’s also made in the UK and, like all their products, comes with a lifetime warranty.

What we like :

– UK designed and made with a lifetime warranty
– folds flat when not in use
– ultra simple design that just works

Something to think about:

– is your top tube flat-ish to within 20-30mm?

Vertical Bike Wall Mounts for 1 bike

Mounting a bike vertically is a quick and easy way to save space and keep the floor clear. They will stick out into the room only a little more than mounting them horizontally against the wall. As soon as you want to store more than a couple of bikes you really start to see the benefits.

Mounting just one bike can be as simple as a hook screwed into the wall, although there are some much fancier options. Most hang the bike by the wheel rim and while some people worry about this, it’s actually fine. The wheels are designed to take much more punishment than just hanging the bike off them. Think about your big mate riding over kerbs! Most have soft rubber sleeves so the rims won’t even get scratched.

Storing a bike vertically will actually help if you have suspension forks since the oil will run backwards and keep the seals lubricated. Brakes might go a bit spongy, especially if they need bleeding, so it’s important to give them a couple of squeezes once you get the bike down.

As well as single hooks to mount bikes vertically, if you have several bikes, there are a number of hook and rail systems available. These will be cheaper than 4 or 5 individual mounts and will make installation much easier. they also allow you to move hooks around without drilling any more holes.

1. Hornit Clug – £15.00

Hornit sell this as ‘the world’s smallest bike rack’. It probably is, although it’s more of a clip, than a rack.

You cannot hang a bike using the Clug. That’s not what it’s designed to do. It’s simply a small plastic clip that grabs the tyre and stops the bike falling off the wall (unless the tyre goes flat). You can mount the bike vertically as shown or leave it with both wheels on the floor and clip the rear tyre. There are 5 different sizes for everything from a road bike to fat MTB tyres so you need to choose the right one and it can only be used for that bike (or another with the same size tyres).

What we like:

– it’s really cute
– no need to lift the bike up
– it’s quick and convenient to use

Something to think about :

– it’s bike tyre size specific and some users have reported that bikes will fall out of the Clug if the tyre goes flat

2. GearHooks B1 Single Bike Hook – £16.49


This is a really simple bike hook that only needs one hole (and some really good fixings, which are supplied) so you can fit it in a couple of minutes. It’s designed and made in the UK and has a lifetime warranty,

You can use it with the rear wheel on the floor which means you don’t have to lift the bike. Just wheel it up and hook in the wheel. Great for heavy bikes like e-bikes. Alternatively you can mount it high up on the wall to keep the floor clear. It will hold up to 25Kg and it will take any wheel size and any tyre size up to 2.5” so it’s good for everything from road bikes to downhill bikes.

Why we like it :

– really easy to fit with just 1 hole
– no need to lift heavy bikes
– able to mount higher on the wall for a clear floor

Something to think about :

– because it mounts with 1 fixing you need a decent block or brick wall or a wooden batten to fix it to

3. Feedback Sports Velo Hinge – £32.00

The Velo Hinge is a bike wall mount with a twist. Literally. It’s handy for storing bikes in a corridor or down the side of a car in a garage.

It works like most wall mounted bike hooks to hang the bike on the wall by the front wheel. It can then be hinged to the left to reduce the amount that the bike sticks out into the room. It does of course then take up more of the wall space on the left hand side.

As well as mounting the hook itself you need to install a ‘bumper’ which looks a bit like a drawer handle to stop the rear wheel skidding across the wall. That can be a bit of a pain because the hook then becomes bike specific because shorter or longer bikes could miss the bumper.

Why we like it :

– hanging vertically saves space
– swinging sideways can save space in a corridor or down the side of a car
– it’s not too expensive

Something to think about :

– swinging the bikes sideways will use more width on the wall

4. Steadyrack – £62.00

This is a clever product that holds a bike on the wall but the bike doesn’t hang by the wheel, it cradles the wheel.

This device pretty much does it all. You don’t have to lift the bike, you can swing the mounted bike to one side and you can fold the whole thing up when it’s not being used to save space.

On the downside, as with other swinging racks, is that although they reduce the depth a bike sticks out from the wall, you end up using more wall width than a simple hook or hanger. You will also have to choose the right size rack for different wheel and tyre sizes. And, you have to fit a ‘bumper’ for the rear wheel which is more drilling and will make it quite bike-length specific.

It’s not a cheap product so if you have more than a couple of bikes you might want to consider cheaper options.

Why we like it:

– you don’t need to lift heavy bikes
– it swings and it folds
– it’s a clever design

Something to think about:
– it’s not cheap if you have more than a couple of bikes

Wall mounted bike racks for 2,3,4 or more bikes

There is no better way to store a lot of bikes in a small amount of space than with a wall mounted bike rack. They will usually be much cheaper than 4 or 5 separate bike wall mounts. There are versions here that store 5 bikes in around 1M of wall space (plus handlebars).

Versions that use a hook and rail system will be a bit more flexible, allowing you to move hooks without drilling more holes in the wall. Some even allow extra hooks to be fitted to the same rail for other biking gear.

As with single bike wall mounts, most hang the bike by the wheel rim. It’s well accepted that this is fine and that bike wheels are much stronger than you think. As long as the hooks have a good thick rubber sleeve the rims won’t get damaged either.

If a bike is horizontal, suspension fork seals will dry out over time, leading to oil leaks and even complete failure. Having the bike on a rack will actually stop this happening since the oil will run backwards and keep the seals lubricated. Brakes at night go a bit spongy, especially if they need bleeding, so it’s important to try them once you get the bike down.

1. Pro Bike Tool 6 bike rack – £94.99

If you have more than a couple of bikes then a multi-bike rack is what you need. They will allow you to store a lot of bikes in not much space. They will usually cost a lot less than 4 or 5 individual bike wall mounts. They should also be a lot easier to mount. 4 or 5 separate hooks would need as many as 20 holes drilling in the wall.

This version uses a couple of aluminium rails screwed to the wall. They can be mounted next to each other or one can be higher than the other. 6 individual bike hooks then slide into the rail and can be moved around to suit.

This kind of rack is trying to squeeze as many bikes as possible into the space. Mountain bikes, with wide handlebars, will take up much more room than road bikes. To help with this, bikes can be hung by the front or rear wheel which stops handlebars clashing but can make it tricky to get bikes in and out.
Why we like it :

– stores a lot of bikes in not much space
– it’s adjustable
– you can keep the garage floor clear

Something to think about:

– how wide are your handlebars?

2. GearHooks 5 Bike Wall Rack – £86.00

This 5 bike rack is designed and manufactured entirely in the UK and comes with a lifetime warranty. It uses a rail just 1M wide which is perfect for 5 road bikes. For a mix of bike types, the problems of clashing handlebars can be minimised by swinging the outermost bikes sideways by up to 20 degrees.

The system comprises a galvanised steel rail which is powder coated in one of 8 different colours. The rail fits with just 3 heavy duty fixings but has 20 mounting holes to line up with uprights in sheds and stud walling.
Hooks can be fitted anywhere on the rail with just an Allen key and extra hooks are available so that track pumps and work stands, coats or helmets can be fitted between the bikes.

Extra rails are available to space bikes out and can be fitted next to each other, one above the other or even in a V shape.

Why we like it :

– great range of colours
– designed and made in the UK with a lifetime warranty
– easy to move and adjust hooks

Something to think about :

– you might need an extra rail if you have all mountain bikes

3. Decathlon 5 bike rack – £49.99

This Decathlon model is made from hollow steel tubing with 5 pre-formed hooks, offset to avoid handlebars clashing. It fits with 8 screws but, since all the bikes are likely to be hanging, you need to make sure it’s a strong wall and it’s well fixed.

Why we like it :

– it’s not expensive
– it holds 5 bikes
– it offsets the handlebars

Something to think about :

– lifting bikes onto the higher hooks might be a bit of an issue if the bikes are heavy.

Storing your bikes in or on the ceiling

This is really an option for the garage or a massive shed.

If you have access to the joists, rafters or purlins in your garage or shed roof you might be able to install a simple hook or a pulley system into those to hang your bike(s).

If you can get the bike high into the roof space it will save space but will be a pain to haul up and down every time you want to use it. If you have it hanging from a hook screwed into the ceiling you might find you are banging your head on it all the time.

But beware, these are a structural element and drilling holes in them, and hanging heavy bikes off them, could cause some serious problems down the line. If you don’t know the difference between a joist and a purlin you might be wise to seek professional advice.

Pulley systems range in price from a few quid to several hundred. Whether you want to walk underneath a bike that’s been held up by something costing very little deserves some thinking about.

Here’s a couple of options:

1. Gear Up Up-and-Away Hoist System – £29.99

The Gear Up Up And Away Deluxe Hoist System is typical of all this kind of hoist. It comprises 2 sets of rollers that will need to be mounted flat on the roof, two hooks for the handlebars and seat, and some rope to pull the bike up with.

It will cope with a ceiling height of up to 12 feet (3.65 metres) and if you have sufficient ceiling strength, this hoist will allow you to maximise space efficiency.

This hoist is primarily for bikes but is supplied with two extra straps to allow other items to be attached like canoes, skis, ladders, roofboxes and more. The maximum weight is 51 kg (120 lbs)

What we like:

– typical roof pulley system
– gets the bike up into the roof space
– includes all the parts you need

Something to think about:

– drilling holes and adding weight to your roof may not be safe

2. Saris Parking Cycle Glide – $249.00

This is a really fancy ceiling mounted system. You can see that lifting bikes onto it is going to require some upper body strength though.

If you’ve got high ceilings, and fairly light bikes, this space-saving storage unit is worth a look. It will take four bikes, and there’s an add-on to accommodate another two.


So there you have it, a comprehensive look at all of the best bike storage solutions that are currently on the market. We;ve covered everything from hanging your bike on a wall, by its wheel, on the ceiling and lots more. We hope you have found this article helpful and that it has helped to narrow down your search for the best bike storage system for you.