For the best handling, safety, and comfort you need to get the right-sized mountain bike for you. If you know your height and inseam measurements, you will be able to determine what size frame will be most comfortable.

During selecting a bike, the fit is the most important factor when it comes to comfort. Getting the right size of bike will increase both your comfort and your ability to control the bike when things get rough.

However, check the post out to know what size mountain bike you should get.

What Size Mountain Bike Do I Need

What Size Mountain Bike Should I Get

While choosing mtb for you, make sure you got the perfect size of a mountain bike. Let’s see how to size a mountain bike so that you can get a perfect bike as your own.

Always Check Manufacturers’ Own Size Charts At First:

Most manufacturers have their own basic size ranges that you can choose from. Different companies may be different in their ranges, so a small bike from one manufacturer may differ in size than another. There’re some general guideline for you, it is recommended to check them out before you buy your own bike.

  • XS: Bike size 13-14inches: generally for riders between 5ft and 5ft 4-inches
  • S: Bike size 14-16inches: generally for riders between 5ft 4in and 5ft 7-inches
  • M: Bike size 16-18inches: generally for riders between 5ft 7-inches and 5ft 10-inches
  • L: Bike size 18-20inches: generally for riders between 5ft 10-inches and 6ft 1-inches
  • XL: Bike size 20-22inches: generally for riders over 6ft 1-inches.

Calculate The Bike Size Properly

To calculate your bike size accurately, just follow the steps right below.

  • At first, take off your shoes and stand with your legs about 15-20 Centimeters (6in – 8in) apart.
  • Keep a book between your legs like the bike’s seat.
  • Use a measuring tape to calculate the distance between your pubic bone and the floor.
  • Keep in mind that, sizing systems differ across companies, but they also vary across bikes. When calculating the size, be sure of the type of bike you want. For mountain bike- Leg inseam (cm) x 0, 66 = your frame size.

For instance, if your leg inseam is 76cm, your right mountain bike size is 50 Centimetres (20in).

Measure The Seat Tube Length And Test The Standover:

The seat tube of your bike should leave you a suitable standover gap and usable standover clearance. To get this, find out the top of the seat tube where the seat clamp meets the post. Measure from the middle point of the axle which holds the crank arms together. That number is the length of your seat tube.

To test the standover of your bike, put your leg over the bike’s top tube and straddle it. Take the bike up as far as possible, and have a helper measure the distance between the tires and the ground to ensure that if your bike is the right height for you.

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Check Top Tube Length And Reach

Another important consideration is the top tube length of the bike. It is important to know where the handlebars should fall into place for your accurate torso length. It dictates the comfort and efficiency of your body on the bike. This can be done by measuring your torso and arm length.

To do so, stand up with your back straight against a wall and measure from your knuckles to your collarbone. Then measure from your pubic bone to the hollow at the base of your neck. Now add both results and divide by two. Take that number and add four, this is the perfect length for your top tube.

Extra Fit Adjustments

To make your bike more comfortable, you’ll need to do some extra adjustments. Follow these steps to complete these extra adjustments.

Adjust The Height Of Your Seat

With your measurements, set the length of the seat tube of your bike. You’ll need a tape measure and a wrench to finish your task. Place the end of the tape where the pedal crank attaches to the bike. Now spread the tape out to the seat height calculated using your inseam.

Loosen the bolt that holds the seat post with a wrench. Swivel your seat post up or down into the accurate position. Once you’re done, tighten the bolt using a wrench. Adjust your seat so that the widest part of the saddle is level with the upper end of the tape measure.

Adjust The Handlebars Of Your Bike

To adjust the handlebar, loosen the bolt at the base of the handlebars using a standard wrench. Lean forward so that your upper back makes a 90-degree angle with your upper arm.

Keep your forearms at a 45-degree angle to the bike’s handlebars. Move your handlebars upper or down so that they are level with the saddle. Now tighten the bolt around handlebar stem with a wrench.

Final Few Words What Size Mountain Bike Do I Need

Finally, go out and ride, make sure you are comfortable with the bike. If you are not comfortable to readjust if needed. However, if you are a beginner and want to buy your first bike, go for the one that is affordable. You can choose your mountain bikes for 200 dollars that will not affect to your budget for sure.