During the #NEXTGen event that recently took place, the famous brand BMW debuted the incredible Vision DC Roadster, a bike that serves to show us what BMW Motorrad envisions as the future of electric motorcycles.

The bike is completely assembled from lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber, while the stylish full electric engine makes it a very interesting addition onto the fast-growing market of electric bikes.

The BMW Vision DC Roadster is equipped with a large battery and metallic cooling ribs, as well as two fans on the sides. Furthermore, it has 3D surround for the battery pack that gives it a rather interesting look. Under the battery is the electric motor shaped like a cylinder. It sends the power it produces to the rear wheel by using a universal shaft. It is exposed for an even cooler nicer look.

There are no performance specs available at this moment, but BMW says this bike will have a high level of torque as well as a breathtaking acceleration. It has an aluminum frame, a minimalist digital instrument cluster, a comfortable looking and stylish seat, and an impressively assembled LED brake lights.

Daytime running light are U shaped LEDs, while two additional compact LEDs are used for high and low beams. Each Metzeler tire has unique special features, which include five integrated fluorescent elements as big as a postage stamp. These help with visibility in low light and the overall safety for the rider and others.

Judging from this, the future of both the BMW bikes and electric bikes in general looks brighter than ever, and it cannot get here soon enough.