BMW Motorrad will expand the C 400 lineup with the addition of a new bike that will be called Gran Turismo. With this model, the company aims at those who want to travel long-distance, but this mid-size scooter comes with some comfort and safety features which cannot be found on other models. And with the latest technologies, the expectations for this model are high.


The Gran Turismo has a mature appearance aiming at the “business class of people”. However, this is something we are used to seeing from this company. The classy design is achieved with details and the first thing that meets the eye is the split dual LED lights at the front combined with fiber-optic DRLs.

A windscreen is large whereas below the lights, LED turn signals are located on the cheek fairings, in the necessary housings. The plates form a sort of angular engine spoiler and radiator shroud. The front end looks extraordinary, but it doesn’t take long before the classic scooter look kicks in and that is especially visible on the sides.

An LCD screen which has the role of the instrument panel is placed behind the glass and the buyers can choose a 6.5-inch TFT display. Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system is integrated and the CAN is responsible for the instrumentation, engine control unit, ABS and optional security system.

Thanks to its design, the bike is easy to mount and dismount, but fans who were looking forward to ‘tween-feet storage can forget about it because the 2019 BMW C 400 GT will not have one. However, Beemer has not forgotten about the storage and there is a pair of storage spaces at the front of the tunnel and some room under the sea. It is quite enough to add whatever it needs to be carried without worrying too much about room.


The company used steel for the bridge-type frame and order to increase stiffness and provide ample torsional resistance. Dual shocks are used on the rear and they have an adjustable preload feature which requires you to dial in for changing cargo loads and passengers. Meanwhile, suspension travel is 110 mm and 112 mm on the front and rear end respectively which are good figures for a scooter. Don’t forget that this is not a regular scooter – it the new BMW C 400 Gran Turismo!

The front wheel is equipped with dual 265 mm discs and four-pot calipers while the rear has a single-piston caliper. Thanks to the cast-aluminum rims, the handling profile of this bike is more motorcycle-like than the one you get from the wheels regular scooters have.


The engine used for this bike is liquid-cooled 350 cc four-stroke with the compression ratio of 11.5-to-1. Large, 32.5 mm intake poppets are used and they open up the combustion chamber on the intake stroke.

It is important to mention that an electronic BMS-E2 injection system is used and it controls the engine when it comes to meeting the EU4 emission goals. According to the factory, a total of 25 kW and 35 Nm of torque are produced. Thanks to that the GT can develop the top speed of 139 km/h and it can accelerate to 100 km/h from 0 in 9.5 seconds.

2019 BMW C 400 GT
Engine And Transmission
Engine type Water-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine
Displacement 350 cc
Power/torque 34 hp/25.8 lb-ft 
Transmission Continuously variable CVT belt transmission
0-60 mph N/A
Top speed 86 mph
PRICE RANGE:approximately $10,000
Competitors:Yamaha’s XMAX

Plenty of safety features are used and Beemer’s Automatic Stability Control is one of the examples. The riders will be able to accelerate without too much worry even when the weather conditions are not that great.

2019 BMW C 400 GT Price

The pricing of the 2019 BMW C 400 GT is currently unknown and we are waiting for the German company to come up with the announcement. Based on everything we know at this point, the new bike will cost approximately $10,000 but stay tuned for more details.