The German heavyweight car and bike manufacturers BMW decided to make their S1000RR even faster. Thanks to their recent patent with the German Patent and Trademark Office, they have come up with the electric supercharger.

When you want to add a supercharger to a bike, the two things you will achieve is make it more powerful, as well as more responsive. This is a much better solution than equipping it with a turbo because the power from the supercharger is able to influence the bike at any rev range, while a turbocharger has some lag at different revs.

Fitting an already powerful motorcycle with an electric supercharger is a fantastic solution if you want more power. The existing engine can remain on the bike, but several major tweaks are necessary. However, the resulting benefits of an electric supercharger compared to a mechanical one is that it will; collect power for the supercharge when the engine does not need it right away. What this means in action is that while cruising, decelerating, or idling, the electric supercharger will collect power for the moment you want or need to go much faster.

What is more, a motorcycle engine equipped with this brand-new electric supercharger might also create much more power at lower RPMs. Without a supercharger, one would need to rev the engine for power, because increasing power in regularly aspirated engine means increasing how high it revs. With an electric supercharger, you do not need to do this, as the engine will make more power at lower RPMs and be much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The already amazing line of BMW motorcycles is about to become even more modernized and powerful, and fans and experts are equally excited about the future.