If you own a van, you are probably looking for ways to upgrade it so you can have better experience when you go camping or traveling with your family. It’s the perfect solution to bring a mobile home with you when summer comes and the children want to have a quick getaway. This could save you time and money in the long run instead of renting out another vehicle. If you are single and want to explore the country alone or with your buddies, it might be the perfect mobile living that fits the idea.

Whatever adventure you want, you’d need the perfect car for it. Conversion vans can provide more rooms to carry you, your family, friends and all your road trip needs. Although it is not a commodity you can just buy off the market, it can be built by the right builder for you.

It is something you could invest in so you can make that extended vacation on the road. If you want the best outcome for your van according to the plan you have in mind, you might want to start finding a conversion van builder first so you can heed recommendations for the design and the things you need to purchase.

It can run smoothly from there especially if you have their expertise as guidance. If you haven’t experienced building a van and you don’t have to clue where to find the perfect builder for you then it would be a challenging start, according to 99camping. How could you find a conversion builder for you then?

From Your Local Directory

If you have a phone at home then you most probably have a phone directory lying somewhere. It is not very common anymore since the rise of mobile phones but even the old ones can be useful in finding contact numbers if you know how to use your phonebook. You can find a list of restaurants, shops, and other services which may include those for cars. If you find a specific car service center locally, you can ask them for more information on how to find shops that offer customized cars. Just go get their phone number and dial ahead so you can get some ideas.

Newer phone directories have a more updated list of contact numbers and can be more useful for you in your search for a conversion van builder. You just have to play smart when you can’t find the exact service you need. Call a few shops that render car services and ask for people you may call. They would usually know some guys they can refer you to.

Recommendations From Friends

Chances are, you may already know someone who owns a converted van. Some of your friends and colleagues may at least know someone who has experienced this. This can be your chance to ask around the process, cost, and how long it would take to work on your van. You could even check out the van yourself so you get a better idea of what you want for your own.

The best thing about knowing someone you could talk to easily is that you can get a recommendation on who to look for to provide you the service you need. You can already assess the work they have done to help you with the decision. On the other hand, you’d know whom to avoid if they haven’t done an excellent job or your friend has warned you to look for someone else. They must have learned a lot by now so just soak up all the information from them. You get to learn just by having someone give you a heads up.

Quick Search Online

Perhaps the easiest way to find a conversion van builder is to make a quick search off the internet. Although you can be directed to sketchy pages that might not be helpful at all, it has a good potential that it can direct you to the right place.

Search for a reputable site which can give you a recommended list of builders near you. The search feature from a directory site like VanList would be helpful in finding specific builders near your area. Searches online would also give you lists of rentals you can check out if you don’t have the means for a personalized car conversion yet or you don’t anticipate any future plans with owning one in the future.

Your Car Dealer

Your own car dealer could be a source of information for your car conversion needs. They could even have their own builders in their shop. If they don’t render the services for converting vans, chances are, they know whom to recommend for you.

If you don’t have a van yet but are planning to get one for later conversion then this is the first place you’d visit. They would usually know the best van to customize and give you information about different models and their capacity, worth, pros and cons.

TV Shows

This might be something far off from what you might ideally do but you can source your builders from a TV show as well. Nowadays, there is a TV show about almost anything. From reality shows about finding homes with the best views to converting houses, buses, and vans.

You must have seen a show about converted vans and thought of having one for yourself. TV shows are not only your pool of ideas but your source of information on popular van conversion builders as well. Although they might be on the more expensive side because of their semi-celebrity status, they are recognized as experts in that area of car making. You might want to save up more in case you really want to secure their services for yourself.

Sourcing out a builder for your van conversion is a task you do once and you only settle for someone who gets what you want and need. You could have the best converted van for you and your family by rigorous search, not only about the builder but also on the overall process. Doing more research wouldn’t hurt especially if it is for the perfect on the road vacation plan you would like to go to soon.