If you cannot get enough of biking or cycling and want to learn what this has to offer more, then you need to start searching for the blogs that will help you guide through everything. There are thousands of great biking sites out there that can give you detailed information about what is new out there. However, this is not the only thing you should be looking at in the blog when you really need an expert.

In this article, we have listed down a few of the best biking blogs for you. In addition to what is new, these blogs give you an analysis and opinion beyond the headlines. So, if you are interested in learning about them, go check them out.

1. Bike Smarts

If you are passionate about biking or cycling and want to know everything related to this, you need to have a source that will provide you all the information you need. Bike Smarts is a once source for you to get all the information related to the right gear for your bike, read about what is going on in the cycling world out there, and get the best advice.

On this website, you will find what you are looking for. For instance, if you want to know about the best full carbon road bikes, want a review on cheap road tires, or want to explore the best type of bicycle for exercise, then the is your one-stop to check out some informative articles and write-ups.

2. Red Kite Prayer

The content on this website is mostly written by a group of bike industry insiders, cycling journalists, and ex-racers. This blog is devoted to letting readers know about the insight and motivation behind the finish line prayers.

Red Kite Prayer (RKP) blog posts are filed under headings like body, mind, and machine Red Kite Prayer and you can check out articles written on several different topics. People who are after commentary and breakdown of the best in the bike world can find a lot of stuff on this site to read.

3. Adventure Journal

It is an online magazine that is dedicated to taking its readers to outdoor adventure in all its forms. Steve Casimiro, who is a former editor of Powder magazine, founding editor of Bike magazine, and West Coast editor of National Geographic Adventure, laid the foundation of this magazine in 2008.

This magazine covers a number of outdoor topics, including skiing and surfing. But the most favorite feature of the site is The Daily Bike. It features everything from historic shots to custom track bikes, and you have so much to read about such topics.

4. Bike Rumor

Bike Rumor is considered one of the best cycling tech blogs out there. Their focus is to post content related to the products, technology, and individuals who make them. If you are interested in learning about what is new out there, in-depth interviews, and stories related to how the bicycles and all their components work, then this blog is for you to check out. In addition to this, you can also see the reviews to know if something is worth the hype or not.

5. BikeHacks

Bike Hacks is where biking fanatics come to receive useful information about products and services. This blog is written by a trio of cyclists from the coasts. Their mission is to make the experience of riding a bike feel amazing for bike lovers. For this, BikeHacks gather information required to give their readers proper guidance about bikes and products or services related to it.

If you want to read about what is new out there and what the industry has to offer, then this is definitely the blog for you to check out. If something is exciting coming up in the market, you can trust BikeHacks for the information you are looking for. This blog is not just about advising bike enthusiasts, but it also has some exciting anti-car, pro-bike propaganda.

6. The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring is a blog where you can find stuff related to cycling and cycle sport, especially pro cycling. This blog is aimed to give its readers a different take on the sport. You will also be able to read about things that are often overlooked by the mainstream cycle sport media.

People who are looking for a good round-up of news about the bike industry and pro-cycling but also seek a rational analysis that is not affected by advertising can find this blog really useful. From predicting who would win the World Championships to pointing out what should be changed, The Inner Ring expresses opinions freely.

7. Bikes-n-Stuff

The author of Bikes-n-Stuff, Juliet Elliot, is named the ‘most influential women in cycling’ and a ‘Woman To Watch’ by YouTube. Even after being a former pro snowboarder and a model, the love for outdoors made her take cycling as her passion. Thus, she came up with the Bikes-n-Stuff, which is now supported by big companies, including Assos, Smith, Vans, and Fox. This blog mainly features Juliet’s experiences of different races.

With the added pictures, the blog appears attractive, creating a nice visual for a better understanding. The author of the blog is a famous and outspoken advocate for women in sport. Through her blog, she communicates the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, she hosts many training posts, writing a lot of How-Tos.

8. London Cyclists

This blog is dedicated to individuals who want to find the best cycling gears and great cycling routes. A number of cyclists come here to share the experiences, ideas, advice, and tips with others. So those who are still learning can benefit a lot from London Cyclists.

This blog has made appearances on Guardian, BBC Online, BBC News 24 Londonist, Independent, BBC London News, and RoadCC. Additionally, for not making things difficult for cyclists, this blog has an app, Bike Doctor, which can guide you through repairing a bike. Furthermore, there is also an eBook, 35 London Cycling Routes, that is frequently updated and is published on the blog.