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When it comes to taking care of your car, pulling up the best possible stops to ensure long-term value is every car owner’s dream. Therefore, being part of mobile car detailing is one of the surest ways to ensure your car remains in the best shape.

According to, car detailing consists of an in-depth process of cleaning, conditioning, and conditioning of the car that lasts longer than a normal car wash. This process is intensive and aims in restoring the car to its glory, making the vehicle look like it’s straight out of a showroom. For car care products, check out Turtle Wax to find different cleaners, waxes, and conditioners for mobile detailing.

Mobile car detailing can be done a few times a year, to protect the car and add value to it. Mobile car detailing not only looks at surface cleaning but focuses on the car’s quality and lifespan by restoring the components of the car thereby protecting them from further damage.

The process of mobile car detailing

The process of mobile car detailing is more extensive than a normal car wash and focuses on the following areas:

1. Interior car detailing

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This focuses on all the interior components of the vehicle and doing a thorough and intensive clean throughout. This process consists of cleaning and detailing interior surfaces to remove dust and dirt, vacuuming, and shampooing the carpet to remove deeply embedded stains and debris on the carpet and seats. There is also polishing and cleaning of any interior glass area. Any leather surfaces are also conditioned and scrubbed thoroughly to get rid of visible or invisible stains. Steam cleaning is done to interior vents to get rid of odor and mildew.

2. Exterior car detailing

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This comprises surface washing with microfiber cloths to remove mud or dirt often on the exterior of the car. The use of soap and foam is paramount in ensuring thorough cleaning and washing. The rubber surfaces on the windows and doors are also scrubbed and wiped, and dirt that is embedded into the coat of the vehicle is removed. The windshield and windows are also cleaned and waxed to protect against contaminants which usually occur due to the sun’s UV rays.

The paint is then polished to get rid of scratches, stains, or oxidation. Protective wax is afterward applied to give the car a new shine and look. Exterior car detailing also involves washing and scrubbing the car tires, and rims with special products to enhance sparkle and shine, and prevent them from cracking or fading with the weather conditions and road terrain.

3. Engine detailing

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Engine detailing comprises de-greasing the engine components to get rid of grime and dirt. Rinsing the engine parts with water also goes a long way in cleaning the interior components. The engine is then dried well to prevent the rubber, silicone, and plastic components from cracking up.

Finding good mobile detailing professionals

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The popularity of mobile car detailing has seen various professionals and companies venture into the business and offer specialized services to their clients. Most mobile detailing professionals come to the client and pick the car wherever it is. This offers convenience to the client, as the car can be taken for details from the comfort of your home or workplace. This convenience is more expensive than personally taking the car to the detailed shop.

There are also mobile detailing professionals who schedule an assessment of the car after the client brings it to the store. A full mobile detailing procedure takes a minimum of ninety minutes to up to three hours, all dependent on the status of the car. The long detailing time is done to conduct an in-depth cleaning and remodeling of the car for the best results.

Finding the right mobile detailing professionals requires research into detailing experts in your area, to identify those with credible and worthy reviews. The choice of detailer also depends on the individual specifications of the client. For instance, what are the services and expectations of the car detailing? What extra additives do the detailing professionals offer as opposed to others in the area? These pertinent questions will assist you in finding the right professionals better suited for your car needs.

Finding mobile detailing professionals who are also highly qualified and handle vehicles with extra care is paramount. Clients can also get to save on detailing costs by scheduling monthly services which see them get a discount on the detailing process, as opposed to the whole amount.

The price of the mobile car detailing is an important factor to consider when settling for detailing professionals. The cost of detailing is dependent on the products used, whether steaming, water-based or waterless products, and their cost. The state of the car and the extent of detailing also affect the overall costs.

Why mobile car detailing?

There are additional benefits to get your car detailed:

1. Maintaining the value of the vehicle

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Mobile car detailing maintains the car’s value for future resale. The car is detailed to fix and prevent future problems while helping to keep the body in tip-top condition. Old cars can also benefit from detailing as it helps maintain their interior and exterior from wearing out faster.

2. Health and safety

The in-depth cleaning in mobile detailing ensures every nook and cranny in the car is thoroughly cleaning. Some locations such as vents and inner compartments hugely benefit from steam cleaning which accesses even the most interior parts. This helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria which affect the car owner’s health over time.

3. Detailing customization

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Every mobile detailing process is different. The client can opt for a customized detailing process in which they get to choose which products and procedures they would want to be done on their car. Car detailing professionals may provide a customized list based on the car’s requirements and needs that handle the restoration, polishing, cleaning, and more.

4. Convenience and comfort

As stated above, the convenience of having the detailers come to you is unmatched. This helps the client save a lot on time, and has the comfortability of enjoying premium services at affordable prices.