If you have a motorbike rider in your life, then you’ve probably gone through the hassle of not knowing what to get them for Christmas or for their birthday. Before getting a gift for someone who rides a motorcycle, you have to understand that they love their bike more than anything else in their lives. Getting bikers any bike-related gadgets will make them happy.

Even those who only have a motorcycle as a means of transportation will love to receive motorcycle-related gadgets.

Motorcycle gadgets to get

USB charger

The USB charger is similar to a power bank. You can use it to charge your phone or your camera while it’s plugged into the motorcycle. A USB charger compatible with bikes is one of the best gadgets riders can receive, especially if they’re into long rides. Just make sure their bikes have an outlet as not all motorcycles have one installed.

Motorcycle headphones

Not all people know that riders need special headphones that can fit inside their helmet. Regular headphones may not be comfortable and the rider can lose it easily. You may find a lot of sites that promote their headphones as compatible with motorcycle helmets, and if you’re not familiar with the types, you might get the wrong one.

If you’re willing to get a nice gift for a rider, knowing what types of headphones are suitable for motorbikes are essential. If you want to know more information about each brand, you can get more on this site and understand the pros and cons of each one. The Slimbuds and Bose QuietComfort 20 are the preferable headphones as they have high durability. However, you might want to ask the rider before getting it as they may need certain specifications you’re not familiar with.

Action camera

Action cameras are for those who love to go on risky rides or want to capture their road trips and group rides. They’re fun and can film all the rides without physically holding the camera. You can also find a lot of brands that have Wi-Fi built in, which allows the rider to share their moments with family and friends. If you know a rider who loves adventures, then an action camera will be the perfect gift.

Phone holder

Keeping your phone in place, where you can easily access it to check the navigation apps or make phone calls is easier with the motorcycle phone holders. Phone holders keep the phone in place so the rider can use it while they’re on the road. It holds the phone firmly with silicone grips and usually fits all smartphones.

Smart Motorcycle Gloves

For all who love motorcycles as their means of transportation, they face a huge issue when it comes to visibility. However, this problem is no longer an issue with the lane-changer gloves.

These smart gloves are connected with a built-in led that turns on by pressing your thumb to your palm or other fingers. When a rider wants to change lanes, he simply turns on the gloves showing the drivers on the road that he wants to change lanes. This invention can save a lot of lives, and it can be the perfect gift for any motorcycle lover.

Brake Lights On Helmet

Although motorcycles already have brake lights, but they might not be visible to many drivers on the road. Brake lights on the helmet fixes this problem, allowing the rider to have a safer riding experience.

The lights are connected to the motorcycle, so other people to see when a rider is slowing down. It can easily be attached to any helmet and doesn’t require special helmets. These brake lights improve the visibility of the rider as other drivers can easily see them.

Smart Padlock

A smart padlock calls you on your phone if someone is trying to steal your motorcycle. It’s the perfect gadget to keep your bike safe wherever you are. Riders can use their smartphones to know the location and status of their bikes no matter where they are.

They can even enter mobile numbers to be called in case the padlock was unlocked by someone else, and it includes a GPS detector. There are a lot of sensitivity and security levels to each smart padlock that can easily be set by the rider. There’s no better gift than one that protects your most valuable things.

Motorcycle HUD

All gadgets are combined into one with motorcycle HUD. You can take pictures, navigate, receive calls, and listen to music with one gadget. The HUD is simple and easy to use, you can set it up with your phone by Bluetooth, and it allows you to make and receive calls, play your favorite music, and displays the road in front of you without any distractions.

You can attach it to the helmet, and the mini-screens displays everything you need without taking your eyes off the road. Most HUBs come with a controller that can be attached to almost any bike. The controller allows riders to zoom in and out while using the navigation feature, and an easy access button to activate google assistant or Siri on your phone. It also contains buttons to capture pictures and videos, and share it with your friends while you’re on the road.

Tire Pressure detector

Marinating the tires of a motorcycle in good condition is one of the essential things for any riders. These small devices are easy to use and come in a small size, making it easier to be carried in a small bag or under the seat, which allows the rider to check their tires’ pressure level whenever they want.

Even after narrowing down your options to what you should get someone who loves motorbikes, the sheer number of options may still overwhelming. If you’re still lost and not sure what you should get, then choose the gadget that would be most helpful for a biker, or something they don’t already have but still need. Make sure you get the highest quality of any motorcycle-related product, especially if it’s a safety gadget. The quality of these products matters and may save their lives.