Conflicts between car drivers and bikers are inevitable. It is necessary to be mutually respectful to each other, which will avoid accidents, and we will always drive a motorcycle and a car safely.

As the warmer days come, more and more motorcyclists are showing up on our roads. These are both experienced bikers and beginners who have a distant understanding of motorcycle driving rules, which invariably leads to many accidents with serious outcomes. How to avoid getting into an accident during the motorcycle season and avoid all kinds of problems.

According to statistics, there were 5,000 accidents involving bikers last year. These are both minor damages, after which the two-wheelers got off with only minor fright and a small expense to restore their iron horse, and severe accidents, many of which were fatal for the victims.

The motorcycle community urges automobile drivers to always use turn signals and be respectful of other traffic participants. However, conflicts between bikers and car drivers are inevitable. And both sides can be guilty of such conflicts. It is no secret that bikers like to “fly at low speed”, and many drivers in the city do not use turn signals when changing lanes, which leads to frequent accidents with motorcycles and other cars.

Movement of a motorcyclist in the inter lane

Many motorcyclists, in violation of existing traffic rules, do not move in their lane, and take the so-called inter-row, which allows them to deftly maneuver on the road, quickly rearranging from row to row and not losing time in traffic and congestion. However, such movement in the inter-row makes it difficult for drivers on the road to see the motorcycle approaching them at high speed. As a result, the car collides with the motorcycle when redesigning, and such accidents occur at high speed, which leads to serious injuries to motorcyclists.

According to attorneys at, it is the bikers who are responsible for such accidents when motorcyclists are driving in between lanes. They violate the rules, which leads to various kinds of accidents. As a preventive measure, we recommend drivers to control the situation in the side and rear mirrors all the time, and to change the line from one maneuver to another, having made sure of full safety. For bikers we advise to observe traffic rules and avoid driving in between the lanes.

Crashes at intersections


The cause of accidents at intersections involving drivers and motorcyclists is the high speed of the latter. While most motorists move at slow speeds when crossing intersections, especially when turning left or right, motorcyclists can whiz through intersections at speeds of 80 km/h or more. Accordingly, many car owners, after making sure that their maneuver is safe, begin to turn, but at the same time at the intersection a motorcyclist jumps out at high speed, which simply does not have time to brake and crashes into the car.

In such accidents, both bikers and drivers of cars are equally to blame. The thing is that you may turn at the permissive traffic light only if you are absolutely sure in the safety of the maneuver. But the biker should remember that no one cancelled the speed limit. Therefore, if he is approaching the traffic light, even if he is passing the intersection on the permissive light, you should fully comply with the speed limit, otherwise it will be difficult to correctly assess the distance as a biker, and the driver of the car.

Driving a traffic light at a yellow light


It’s no secret that today many car owners and bikers frivolously interpret the rules of passing an intersection, especially the permissive traffic light signals. Therefore, it is not uncommon for cars or motorcycles to try to pass an intersection already on a yellow light, and as a result, the likelihood of accidents increases significantly. Many drivers who are waiting for the red light to change to green have difficulty estimating the distance to the approaching motorcycle. It may seem to us that the biker is far away and that he is not planning to cross the intersection at a yellow light. We start driving on the green light, and a motorcycle, which was trying to pass on the flashing green and yellow, drives into our side at high speed.

The culprit of such accidents will be that driver, who entered the intersection at the already forbidding traffic light sign. That is why it is recommended to observe the speed limit and take into account traffic lights signals. If you see that the green light starts blinking, you should not try to speed up and pass the traffic light. All this leads to accidents, and for bikers, the consequences of such accidents will be particularly severe.

A biker pulls around traffic on the side of the road


If you think that such offenses are typical only for motorists, you are wrong. And bikers, due to the nature of the vehicle they use, may not even pull over to the side of the road, but move along the edge of the roadway. As a result, from the extreme right lane a car can turn at the permissive sign of traffic lights, and while turning collides with motorcyclists who are moving straight ahead and bypass in this way the jam on the road.

To avoid such accidents is possible only by following traffic rules. Motorcyclists should remember that bypass traffic on the side of the road or the edge of the roadway is prohibited. For such an offense can not only pay a heavy fine, but also to lose their rights for a long time. Remember also that in this case significantly increases the risk of traffic accidents, and the culprit will be recognized only by the motorcycle driver.

Double overtaking by a motorcycle


Moving at high speed, motorcyclists often perform double or even triple overtaking, exceeding the speed of 50 km / h or more. The problem is that to see such a biker, overtaking, is difficult. Especially if the road was accumulated a large line of cars and there is an opportunity to overtake, many drivers begin to leave on the “oncoming” and overtake other slow cars. That’s when they catch up with the motorcycle, which in one fell swoop decided to bypass 2-3 or more cars.

It should be remembered that the current rules allow only single overtaking, and for violation of this paragraph of the rules can be permanently deprived of rights. At the same time, it should be noted that the paragraph of the rules states that the driver may overtake only after making sure that his maneuver is completely safe. Therefore, if he begins to overtake, leaving on the oncoming side, where there is a collision with a motorcyclist. In this case, both the biker and the driver of the car will be recognized as the culprits of the accident.

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