Motorcycle travelers can go on for miles with nothing but their smartphones, wallets, helmets, and their two-wheeled vehicles. That is probably how the popular perception of them being free spirits arose. However, even as they throw caution to the wind, they will need to pack smart, since anything can go wrong on the road.

Simply by including some motorcycle essentials, the rider might be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary deviations and difficulties. That said, here are a few must-haves for every motorcyclist.

A Map

Motorcycle travelers focus on the ‘journey rather than the destination.’ And though it is unlikely that they coined that phrase, it is almost certain that a map is perhaps the most meaningful item they can include on a trip.

However, it has to be a good map, since riders will need to be able to identify the good roads from the bad ones. The Butler Motorcycle Maps are known to be the most detailed when it comes to identifying suitable roads; plus, they are also waterproof and tear-resistant maps. So, to complement your map, you will need to include a GPS navigation unit.

GPS Navigation Unit

The reason motorcycle travelers will need a GPS unit along their travels is because you cannot look at a map while riding. Riders can choose to replace a GPS unit with their smartphones. However, only a motorcycle-specific GPS navigation unit will offer a detailed description of the road, while also having a rugged form factor.

The unit is also waterproof and glove-friendly and it supports voice-guided navigation, which the rider can connect to via Bluetooth. A GPS navigation unit is a lifesaver because even when you are out of cellphone range, it will still be able to find the nearest hotel or gas station.

Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

A motorcyclist’s activity can go suspended for hours, as they will be encased in their helmets. And, though it can be very relaxing, sometimes you will want to listen to your favorite tunes, while also appreciating having hands-free access to your GPS unit.

A Bluetooth helmet communicator will also allow you to chat and coordinate with your fellow motorcyclists without needing to stop. It is easily turned on and off and can remove many of the inconveniences of antiquated traveling.

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves are essential items every rider must have. Typically, you will need one that grants exceptional protection at all times. If you do not own one, you can choose one of the motorcycle gloves reviewed by, which offers a range of features like shock absorption, durability, breathability, and touchscreen compatibility.

You will need to compare the pros against the cons and decide based on what is most suitable for you. For durability and protection, a pair of gloves with Kevlar knit liners should be ideal.

Emergency Communicator

Motorcycle travelers are liable to sudden crashes, which can disable their movement for long hours. At times like these, an emergency communicator can come in handy and even save lives.

This device is connected to satellites and therefore determines your location regardless of cellphone range. They can even be used to send messages to friends and family. In case of an emergency, you can hit the SOS button, which will immediately notify your friends and family and send over a rescue team.

Towing Service

Motorcycle rides can be very dangerous, and the vehicle can be easily immobilized. During times like these, having a towing service card on you can save you a long walk, or worse, being stranded. You will just have to dial the number, tell them your location, and wait.

If you do not have a towing service card, riders can make use of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) membership card and dial road assistance. The service is inexpensive yet effective.

Flat Repair Kit

Despite tires being durable, while also providing good grip in wet and dry conditions, it is fairly easy to get a flat tire. Without proper preparation, a flat tire can quickly bring your trip to an end. However, if your bike has tubeless tires, your flat repair kit can get you back in business in no time. This item will allow you to make quick wheel repairs. But you will need to make sure your bike runs on tubeless tires.

Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors complement your flat repair kit and tubeless tire. After your tire deflates, due to a puncture or cut, you will use your kit to fix the tire, but then you will need to inflate it. Some flat repair kits will contain CO2 cartridges, but their effectiveness will depend on the size of your tire and damage that has been done. For that reason, you will need to include this item on your trips. Ideally, you will need a rugged 12V compressor, which should be compact enough to store with you.

Fuel Siphon

One misadventure that is common among motorcyclists involves running out of fuel. Gas stations are few and far between. However, a fuel siphon can temporarily fix the situation until you are able to permanently fix it at a gas station. You will be able to use it to transfer fuel from one vehicle to another. Look for an easy-to-use fuel transfer system, typically one that does not require getting your mouth full of gas.

Motorcycle Toolkit

Motorcycle toolkits are essential items that you must have with you. However, do not expect to do extensive repairs with a toolkit, as they are meant for small tasks. They are helpful for tightening mirrors and adjusting controls and suspension.

Helmet- or Bike-Mounted Video Camera

Motorcycle travelers come across the most beautiful sceneries that nature has to offer. It only makes sense to acquire such an item and make use of its photo and video capturing ability. Simply mount it on your helmet or bike, and have it record footage as you ride through the countryside or on the freeway.

By including these items on your checklist, you will be able to enjoy your motorcycle trips with no worries at all. You will also be able to record the best moments of your trip while getting to enjoy it yourself. And remember to always ensure your safety by wearing the appropriate gear and kit.

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