As an extremely elastic material, rubber is suitable for damping, cushioning of shocks and oscillations, vibrations. That is why it is very widely used in the production of springs, shock absorbers, and machine bases.

Today, we can find springs of different shapes, hardness, and load capacity – as well as shock absorbers, stands, feet, for different purposes, shapes, and qualities. Rubber feet and bumpers are parts that have a multi-purpose role in the automotive industry – therefore, its application is multiple.

The offer depends on the part of the car for which you need several types of rubber feet and bumpers. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to some of them and tell you more about their wide application.

What Are They Used For?

The benefits of these rubber parts are manifold. If you look at the big picture, you will notice that the presence and appliance of these rubber parts are large – from the household to the automotive industry. Whether they are made out of natural or synthetic rubber, they have found their purpose in various places – from protection on furniture, to protect against slipping ladder chairs, etc. On the other hand, they can also serve as both indoor and outdoor devices.

The main task of the bumper is to minimize damage between two objects. For example, in vehicles when closing a heavy door, etc. They are also often used as plugs, but their purpose is clear – and that is to reduce the impact between two objects and reduce damage. That is why the role of rubber feet and bumpers in the car industry is necessary – and their purpose, depending on the part where they’re installed, is to protect and absorb friction, scratches, bumps, etc.

Where Are They Used?

When we look at the bigger picture, the advantage and benefits of rubber feet and bumpers are practical- because they are simple and not bulky. They are very useful because they have a multi-purpose role – and we will give you some tips and examples where everything can be used.

You certainly know that rubber is intended to protect various devices – from not scratching objects such as flooring when pulling furniture, etc. It is the rubber feet that are placed under the furniture and prevent damage. According to, they are also used to absorb shocks and strong vibrations in cars, as bumpers on doors, etc.

Their use prevents slipping – because the rubber does not damage surfaces such as floors, tiles, laminate, etc. However, rubber feet and bumpers also have the role of a good insulator. Their use, especially in the automotive industry, is multi-purpose – and therefore pays off many times over.

Rubber Feet And Bumpers In The Car Industry

If we start to list where and in which part of the car rubber feet and bumpers are used, we will have only one text. But we can’t help but mention their important purpose and the places in the car where they are necessary.

Whether inside the car or on the outside – rubber feet and bumpers in various shapes and sizes have their usefulness. Here are some standard but also practical examples that you can apply to your vehicle. If you don’t know where bumpers and feet most used and what is their purpose – here are some options.

Rubber Is An Excellent Insulator

We must know that rubber is first and foremost a good insulator that prevents water from entering cars. That is usually achieved by having a vacuum bumper on the car door, made out of fine rubber. Such a bumper will absorb the closing blow when the door is closed – and it will create a vacuum to prevent water from entering.

These things can also be placed on sharp parts of the door – as protection against scratches or injuries. They can also be placed on the sensitive parts of the car sills – and the floor and from the outside of the car tires. It will protect our car against corrosion, bumps, scratches. However, it needs to be inspected frequently – and if damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Shock Depreciation

Rubber bumpers and rubber feet are mostly located on the front and rear bumpers. They are mostly used as a means of shock absorption. We are also using them to prevent greater damage during impacts – as well as covers on the ends of the bumpers in preventing scratches. Some people even use rubber feet and bumpers as decorative details – but they have their useful purpose above all.

Electrical Contact Protection

With car headlights, these particular rubber parts are used to protect the car from entering the water and making contact with electricity. Also, a small bumper can be set on the outside of the headlights – very good in the situation if you get scratched somewhere when parking. They can also have a protective role in not scratching the headlight. For trunk doors – rubber feet and bumpers are used on both the inside and outside. They serve as a vacuum when closing the door and prevent water entry but also damage.

Car Engine

Rubber parts are widely used in the car industry. For example, the engine uses so many rubber parts on the engine mount – to keep the engine stable. These rubber parts are also used in cooling the motor – as an insulator.

They have a special application in certain parts of the car – where feet and bumpers are used to prevent contact with cables that are also insulated with rubber. The hood of the car itself is protected and has additional bumpers in the corners – to prevent contact between the engine and the hood. This type of protection prevents corrosion and damage during frequent opening and closing of the hood.

Accelerator, Brake Pedals, Etc.

The car itself has many parts that have rubber parts on them as protection, but also bumpers that prevent contact between two devices or one of the cables. The accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals have rubber feet as protection against damage. They also prevent the foot from slipping off the pedal. The gearbox itself, due to its position, can often be hit or shaken while driving. Therefore, it is also protected by several bumpers that prevent the transmission from detaching or being damaged.


As you can see, the purpose of rubber feet and bumpers has a wide application – both in the household and in the automotive industry. We tried to show you the application of rubber feet and bumpers in the automotive industry. We hope that if you have your favorite four-wheeler and so far you have not paid attention to these important facts – that you will now pay a little more attention to it, and control the bumpers and feet. Therefore, it is important to check regularly in what condition they are and use them as a preventive measure for protection.