The history of the moto industry in the world is over 130 years long. The world’s first real motorcycle was manufactured in 1885 by Daimler and was called the Reitwagen (Riding Vehicle).

It sounds unreal that the engine power was barely over 0.5 horsepower, or 0.4 KW. A speed of 6 km / h corresponds to an easy walk, which was exactly the speed of the first model.

As time went on and technology progressed, the design, power and dimensions of the engine changed. In the 1930s to 1950s, Harley Davidson developed several cult models that are still remembered as revolutionary today. Later, many new models appeared, for off road driving, to the most modern racing, such as MotoGP models.

Riding a motorcycle is much more than just traveling from point A to point B. It is a way of life and a passion. For this reason, motorcycle riders pay much attention, effort and time to their vehicle. If not a major failure, they try to repair everything themselves and, above all, regularly maintain it. That is why they need a certain number of tools, and we will present the most necessary ones today in the text.

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is a hand tool that is used to adjust the torque of threaded elements. The torque wrench is often used in car or moto shops, it is applied to give the screws the torque recommended by the manufacturer, avoiding overbalance and deformations of the parts.

A torque wrench consists of a fixed socket wrench that can be interchangeable with other wrenches of other dimensions. You should never re-tighten a screw that has previously been tightened to the proper torque or use a torque wrench to loosen screws.

In special conditions, excessive twisting and tightening could cause damage. Torque Wrenches are used in all places where tightening of screws is necessary. The torque wrench allows the operator to measure the torque of the screw so that it can be compatible with the specifications for the particular application. This allows for proper tension in all parts. The automotive industry in the first place, but just about every other part of the precious industry and mechanics, is unthinkable today without torque wrenches, so does your home workshop.


Screwdriver is the basic tool for almost any DIY, and you must own it, not only for your motorcycle, but generally. It is a hand tool used to loosen and tighten bolts. As the screw is the most common machine element in today’s world, so the screwdriver has become an indispensable and most used tool in all industries.

The screwdriver tip can come in many different shapes. It comes in all sizes, from huge to miniature. The body is usually made of high quality tool steel resistant to wear and the handle is made of plastic, but it can also be made of wood or metal.

It may have a magnetic tip or a special mechanism for gripping the screw. There are also universal ones with a set of interchangeable tips and a mechanism that allows fast screwing and unscrewing. Such models are extremely practical in conditions where the user encounters many different types of screw heads, and this is definitely the case with a motorcycle.

Hydraulic Pressure Test Kits

If you want to be prepared for any situation, this is one of the must-haves. It has the function of finding hydraulic malfunctions and is widely used. Due to the much greater complexity than, let’s say, screwdrivers, research the market more at 10BestRanked’s blog.

A necessary thing to own when removing tires and wheels. It can be for the rear or front wheel, and there are universal ones. They are designed for maximum stability and flexibility of use. Make sure it has adjustable padded supports made of anti-scratch material. Tubular frame, reinforced plastic for holding the wheel, adjustable height are some of the essential items when choosing a stand. Choose a massive stand with a capacity of at least 200 kg. It can also be used in winter for garage, when it is advisable to remove the tires and place motorcylce on a stand. If you need help with your garage you can check

Hex Key Set

They are intended for unscrewing and screwing in certain screws that operate on the lever principle. It is a wrench that has the form of a curved bar. They are made of high quality steel and in addition to craftsmanship they are usually part of a set that is obtained for assembling purchased products that are shipped. Their purpose is most often related to metal and wood products. They are usually sold in a set so that they can cover a wide range of needs for this type wrenches.


You should never forget to take care of the tires as they are your contact with the asphalt. Always check their condition and, among other things, you need a pressure gauge. If they are not sufficiently inflated you will not be able to get the most out of your motorcycle, as steering and braking will not be good enough.

Also over-inflated tires do not have good enough contact with asphalt and put you at risk. Buy a model that is resistant to hits and other damage, because it will surely happen when you want to check the tire pressure outside of your home.

While you may not think you will need this tool, you are mistaken. You will often need it, and choose a smaller one because the heavy and the big will not be necessary, it will even bother you.


Do not overlook work gloves. Just like investing in motorcycle gloves, choose quality work gloves from materials that will protect your hands, from dirt, as well as from chemicals and mechanical damage. It is best to have specially reinforced parts in certain places and also not to be too thick, as you will not be able to feel the tool nicely in your hand.


Now that you know the tools you need, go and check what you have. And then straight to the store to buy what you are missing out on because the motorcycle riding season is near.