Getting struck by a car is not an ordinary incident for motorcyclists. As per the report, over 3-5k bikers die every year due to an accident. If you’re hit by a car, there is a higher chance of survival, but it does not mean you will get away from physical, financial, and legal issues.

It is crucial to know your safety measures if you’re to ride a bike. Being equipped with knowledge can drastically reduce your chance of getting into an accident. But there is no guarantee whatsoever.

What Can You Do If A Car Hits Your Bike?

Both bikers and car drivers may get into a panic mode when caught in an accident. And it is not unnatural to be nervous in this situation. But being nervous or scared does not get the case closed in the desired manner. Here are things you should do if your bike is hit by a car.

1. Get Out of Initial Danger

You might be full of anger if you’re in a situation where it is a driver’s fault. But don’t burst out immediately after an accident. The wise thing to do is move out of a danger zone and move to a sidewalk or a driveway.

Here is the article explaining the significant causes of bike accidents.

2. Do Not Let the Driver Escape

Don’t make a mistake of letting the driver escape, assuming you have a minor injury. After some time, you might find out you have a broken wrist or something serious. If the driver tries to escape, get a snap of their car’s number plate.

You should also be aware an uninsured motorist might cover you if you have auto insurance.

3. Call 9-1-1

Showing empathy to a driver and letting them go without filing a police report can have some negative consequences. You might have a hard time claiming insurance, or your situation might be poorly handled later. Call 9-1-1 immediately and wait for the police to arrive.

4. Capture Photos and Collect Driver’s Information

While you’re waiting for a police officer, you can take some photos of surroundings, traffic lights, your bike, a driver’s car, etc. All these snaps could be useful. Ask for the help of a witness if you are unable to take a photo.

Collect driver’s license information, number place, and insurance information. The information you collect will be useful later when you try to sort out the issue. You may also want to consult with a personal injury lawyer in case of a severe accident.

Joe Stephens Law has helped a lot of his clients to handle accident cases, in case of serious injuries rightfully. A lawyer can also help you with how to deal with insurance agents.

5. Make Your Voice Heard

Many bikers don’t bother providing their statements in fear of not being served justice. However, you should still explain everything in detail of what happened to a police officer. Doublecheck your report after a few days by contacting the police to review your report.

6. Seek Medical Attention

Like earlier said, your injury might be more severe than you assume. Please don’t make a mistake of ignoring your injuries, thinking it is a minor bruise. Sometimes, a doctor may diagnose you with a fracture or a broken limb in accident cases.

Getting medical attention will help you achieve peace of mind. It will also help in dealing better with insurance claims.

7. Start an Insurance Claim

Finally, it would be best if you don’t hesitate to start an insurance claim. The insurance agents may ask you many questions related to an accident. But you aren’t liable to provide all answers to insurance agents. Tell them you don’t want to disclose every information on a phone.

Only provide them with information saying you caught an accident in a specific place. There is a good chance they might want to know every detail of the event. But you should only provide it after consulting a lawyer.

After making a claim, start documenting everything like taxi receipts, medicine bills, bike maintenance charges, etc. Please provide all of it to the insurance agent.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to do before getting into an accident can help you be better equipped for life’s unexpected realities. If you get caught in an accident, you can apply what you’ve learned in this article. You can help the person who gets hit by a car with your newly equipped knowledge if you’re a witness.

Have you ever been in a bike accident before? Share your thoughts in the comments below.