World’s motorcycle community always pay their respects to the platforms who were popular half a century ago. The reason is that they want to pay their respects to the founding fathers of motors, who are one of the most popular vehicles ever, period. Now we are going to talk about Garelli`s. This company is not a giant like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. However, this Hungary-based company is a brand that made the name for itself in recent years.

The most recent project of Mokka, an Italian motorcycle designer team, decide that they want to do a retro of KL50. This is a small bike, which is rambunctious and it was one of the first to use the two-stroke layout in their design. However, you will not find a traditional petrol-based motor on this bike. This bike features an electric motor which has brushless 5kW.

It needs two hours of charge time and it can cover more than 25 miles of range. These capabilities are made possible because of a set of lithium-ion batteries that are a part of this bike. This bike gives somewhat a minimalistic aura to its users. It features a fuel tank which is handmade and it acts as a clever cover for KL5 electronic system. Overall, this bike is very retro. On the other hand, it has a really modern touch in some of the elements.

Its design is pretty sleek and looks modern even for today’s standards. The saddle is really comfortable and it is made of Alcantara and kappa leather. Its motor guard was made by using laser-cutting. All of these features are telling the story of a successful redesigning of one classic motorbike.