Today, we’ve been able to see the specifications of highly acclaimed and upcoming 2024 BMW R18. These specifications are finally revealed by the manufacturer. After a really long time of anticipation, we have an insight into what we can expect from the bike that’s going to be released next year, from the engine to all other important elements who are representing the whole concept of this motorcycle.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that the company took a whole another approach with changing tact that was usual for Munich marque. We are pretty certain that this change is going to represent a huge trend when it hits the market.

The main change of the concept is a boxer engine that is the biggest one that has been ever used in motorcycle manufacturing. The first time this concept was unveiled was at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa 2018 and it quickly accumulated a lot of attention from the audience who can’t wait for it to appear on the market.

Among all fancy vehicles at that even, BMW R 18 is something that gave it somewhat sporty feeling and of course, a signature BMW finish. At that point, a certain percentage of the public was aware of how this concept will look. Now, we have a full understanding of the specifications. Furthermore, some images that show us how this motorcycle will look have emerged earlier. Now we get to see what’s inside.


2020 BMW R18 Specs

This vehicle pays homage to the concept that is over 70 years old. However, some of the main features which are typical for BMW are kept like controlled valves and a crankshaft that has a main bearing at the center, that has the aim of preventing vibrations. The engine can be cooled with either oil or air and it has four valves. Furthermore, you can see that it has a modern combustion chamber, dual ignition, intake manifold, and the BMS-O engine system.

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Even the company itself released a press release which says that the main advantage of twin camshaft boxers is the shorter pushrods. This is a great choice that the company made because it offers the possibility to minimalize the deflections, reducing moving masses and low linear expansions. Generally, stiffer valve drive is improved by increasing the control precision and the higher speed stability.

When it comes to hard numbers, this bike consists of an engine that weighs around 244.3inches and it can produce up to 91HP, plus 116.5 inches that have a torque that can develop between 3,000 to 5,750rpm. Anyway, this is the dual-cylinder boxer engine that has 1802cc with 170 bores. Also, the aluminum piston is about 1000mm stroke.

2020 BMW R 18 Price Tag

2020 BMW R 18 Price

As this bike was announced only recently, and that the production has begun yet, we were unable to find out what the price for this beauty is. As it was stated at the beginning of our article, the release date is still unknown, but we are happy to say that you can expect it next year.