Indian Motorcycle has a pretty solid historical value. Recently, they announced that they want to display all of their history in one model called Chief Vintage. They used Springfield Dark Horse’s chassis for this model that is planned to appear on the US market in 2024. The company released several images in order to tease their customers with their latest product.

This vehicle looks like it just came out of the 1940s. Back then when the earliest hydraulic forks were on the roads of America. In order to give you a better insight into what you can expect from this vehicle, we decided to write an article that will talk about the specifications, features, and the vehicle itself. Without further ado, let us begin.


2020 Indian Chief Vintage

In this segment, we are going to talk about all the features like design, chassis, drivetrain, etc.

Design of Indian Chief Vintage

The vehicle is made of chrome that is literally relentless. It is wrapped around every part of the vehicle and painted sheet metal parts are including classic beercan fork skirts, headlight nacelle, and fork lowers. There is another nod that points to yesteryear, the whisker bar is carrying dual passing lamps on the opposite side of the chrome bullet.

2020 Indian Chief Vintage

The chrome handlebar is a bit raised. However, since it is pulled to the back from the vertical, the bars are looking like more a tiller-steer setup than ape-hangers. The chrome tank console features a round speedometer gauge together with an LCD screen with an LED indicator lights, and fuel gauge.

2020 Indian Chief Vintage

Also, it features rear turn signals and LED taillight. We can say that the manufacturer could push it more in their aim to make this vehicle even more old school, but, at the end of the day, there is always aftermarket stuff that could be bought.


2020 Indian Chief Vintage Chassis

As we said in the intro of this article, the chassis is borrowed from Springfield. The aluminum frame is setting the stage with its traditional double-downtube on this model. The downtubes are making the turn to the rear in order to form a double-cradle that supports and protects the engine itself in the process.

The 2024 Indian Chief Vintage is pretty heavy with its 836 pounds. However, it is pretty balanced on the scale of agility and overall stability. Its suspension is pretty vanilla and it has a fixed-value. It features double discs that are 300 mm in size and a 4 piston anchors that have the task of slowing the front wheel down that has another 300 mm disc.


2020 Indian Chief Vintage

Chef Vintage is complemented by Thunder Stroke 111, more than any other model you can find on the market and that claims that heavily leans on tradition. Exhaust ports are making another visual connection to the roots. However, the quarter of parallel pushrod is the key element in selling the image as an old-school one.

Indian opts not to include the rear cylinder deactivator on this model of theirs. Unless you have a lot of traffic to handle, this is not a great loss in our opinion. Waste gasses are passing through an exhaust system that is doubled. Thunder Stroke 11 is putting out a 119 pound-feet of torque that has 6-speed transmission and a belt drive that has a limit of 115 mph.

2020 Indian Chief Vintage Price

If you are interested in this vehicle, you can get it in 2024 and for $19,999. This model features black leather seats. If you want something that is less monochromatic, you can choose a Willow Green that you can get for $20,999. The warranty you are going to get on this vehicle is a two-year and unlimited when it comes to the mileage.

The Conclusion

As we wrote in the previous segments of our article, if you are a fan of old-school styled motorcycles, then you should definitely take a look at Indian’s Chief Vintage. It will be available on the US market in 2024.

As it was stated by people from Indian, Chief Vintage heavily relies on tradition and will be very popular among fans of this style of bikes in the future. When it comes to the price, as you saw, its price is pretty average, so we can say that is right in the middle and is for almost anybody’s pocket.