In 2013, a new gadget emerged on the market, offering people yet another alternative means of transportation. Since then, the hoverboard has immensely grown in popularity and both adults and children alike enjoy using this incredible gadget.

It should not come as a surprise if your child expresses their wish or shows eagerness to own one. After all, the self-balancing scooter can be an extremely fun and wonderful thing to ride, as long as it is used responsibly and with care. So if you have finally decided to grant your child’s wish or you simply want to surprise them with an awesome gift, here are some things to consider when looking for a type that is right for your kid,provided by

1. Safety Certification

As a parent, you are probably most concerned about the safety of the product and rightfully so. No matter what manufacturer you opt for, always make sure that the gadget is UL 2272 certified. This ensures the product’s quality and also lets you know that the batteries are safe to use. You can find the certification on the original seal and the unit should also have a mark on it. Don’t forget to thoroughly read all the instructions before use for maximum safety.

2. Size

When choosing the right size, you need to consider your child’s weight and age. Generally, every hoverboard can carry a limit of 220 lbs so your focus should be more on the wheel size. The average tire size on kid versions is 6.5 inches but for ages between 4 and 6, 4.5-inch tires are optimal. For users that are over 220 lbs, 8 to 10-inch wheels are a better choice. If you want to learn more about the appropriate sizes of kid hoverboards, view more information here.

3. Battery

The larger the battery is the more power and speed it offers. However, batteries contribute to the gadget’s weight so keep that in mind during your purchase. Hoverboards offer speeds between 4 and 10 mph, so choose accordingly based on your child’s age and include the charging time in your decision as well.

4. Quality

Just like with any other product, high-quality hoverboards tend to last much longer. Pay attention to the construction and the quality of the material to ensure its durability. A great type will not get damaged in extreme weather conditions, should be easy to get on and off, and should not slip.

5. Additional Features

If you want to bring some more fun into your child’s experience, you can choose a type that offers some extra features such as Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and you can even buy ones that are waterproof.


There are a few different things you should consider when buying your child’s hoverboard, especially if it is their first one. However, there is only so much you can do to ensure their safety when choosing the right type, so don’t forget to teach them how to ride it responsibly and with caution, and always make sure that they are wearing the right protective gear.