Once upon a time, gaming consoles were bolted down safely in arcades, and PCs were the amateur poker player’s video game platform. For flashy motorcycle games, you played at the arcade or waited for the advent of the gaming console. Fortunately, today you can play pretty much any game you want.

The motorcycle genre is surprisingly tricky to define. It contains a lot of adrenaline, exploration, narratives, puzzle-solving elements, but just enough to keep it from tipping the title to role-playing and adventure gaming territory.

Sometimes you want to just jump into a motorcycle and barrel down the open road. From gunning down the straightway, maneuvering tight corners, and tweaking your bike to get even more performance, here’s every motorcycle game you can play on your computer or console.

1. Days Gone

On top of the best graphical enhancement in the business, Days Gone gives players the kind of experience to rival real-world motorcycle racing. It offers plenty of customizations and potential for stunts and havoc, with an impressive backstory to complete your experience.

Days Gone does not concern itself with realism, the game just wants you to barrel your way through a zombie apocalypse to victory on progressing levels. Even though the game is not wholly original, it succeeds at delivering a loud, colorful motorcycle riding experience.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar games have attained legendary status through the Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA V does the best job balancing dense, thoughtful level design with an open-world that allows the player to take on motorcycle racings while engaging police, gangs, and other enemies.

It is a cat and mouse style game where you are not limited to your choice of wheels. You are not only trying to become the biggest gangster in the city, but also making the most of the open world concept to drive within or simply travel.

3. Monster Energy Supercross

The Monster generally does fantastic in the motorsport market, and the supercross franchise is a statement especially true to that fact. Monster Energy Supercross takes an adrenaline-stuffed feel and tone focused on brutal race track battles.

With one of the largest assortments of motorcycles, players can race among each other through a variety of intense high-speed tracks. The gameplay takes place in a total of eleven stadiums and seventeen race tracks.

4. MotoGP 2024

The MotoGP franchise has been around for ages. Since getting its start, the series has garnered some massive notoriety – one of the biggest hits coming out in 2024. Much like other releases, players race against tracks with additional elements such as pitstops and an audience,rich fantasy.

MotoGP 2024 has helped pave the way for other thrilling motorcycle racing games to hit the marketplace. If you are interested in more realistic simulation-style racing, you will find this intense, fast, and wacky gameplay rather addicting with its rally bikes, stages, and modes.

5. MX Vs ATV Reflex

The biggest release to hit the PC market, MX Vs ATV Reflex really blew up as the most popular installment of the franchise and you can download it from MX Vs ATV Reflex comes with multiple modes, a fun atmosphere, hip music, and the kind of wild stunts you’d come to expect from motorcycle racing.

Longtime fans appreciate the motocross setting, ridiculously packed features, and selection of bikes complete with customizations. Newcomers will be wowed by the creative riches that makes this title beloved across the PC-Console communities.

6. Ride 4

It is easy to adopt a cynical stance towards any game laced with simulation nostalgia, but somehow Ride 4 has charm enough to sweep you off your feet. Ride 4 is a simple game that focuses on boosting, weaving between rival bikes, and a unique, well-presented gameplay experience.

That said, Ride 4’s main hook is its visuals. It is a gorgeous game with a dynamic art style at par with the latest titles. The feel and tone of the game dance between color and cool highlights that make it fun to play and belong in your library.

7. Road Redemption

A thrilling motorcycle racing game, Road Redemption nails the elements that made classics so successful: solid racing mechanics, excellent bike collection, and over-the-top races and road rage episodes. It comes off as more evolutionary than revolutionary.

Road Redemption has a cool day and night balance that allows the player to embrace both brighter, daytime battles and high-stakes, underground races. It delivers gaming visual variety that complements the character customization and improved narratives.

8. The Crew 2

The Crew franchise offers players a simulation racing gameplay experience. In a lot of ways, the Crew 2 has surpassed other franchises in the marketplace. This game took the United States, shrunk it down into a gaming experience and functionalize it with the benefit of a dynamic environment.

It comes with different style terrains for racing, so you could go through some rough terrains in a motorcycle or simply hit the streets with a beefed-up ATV. But the Crew 2 isn’t wishy-washy, its sympathies ultimately lie with role-playing mechanics and a richly realized open-world.

9. Trails Rising

The Trail rising series not only carries swagger in the motorcycle gaming segment, but also a dedicated fanbase that loves the motocross-themed action. It delivers a chaotic element to the familiar gameplay experience by adding rich environments and motor vehicle destruction.

Trails Rising has many distinct features, high-detailed and destructible locations that entice the player to keep on racing. The biking action is interesting and varied, framed around a fictional reality where riders earn points for skillfully drafting, drifting, and jumping.

Final Word

Few PC and console games can match the staggering variety found in the best motorcycle games you can play today. They fall into various categories and sub categories, each coming with distinct gameplay styles.

In this game roundup, you must have found your favorite motorcycle games. Every motorcycle title features here has been thoroughly reviewed, so you can rest assured that the entries are varied and top-notch.