When you think about it, it is quite impossible to imagine moving around the town without a car. So if you are planning a vacation, think about how you will commute. No matter if you are traveling alone or with your family, renting a car is a good idea since you will need a way of moving from place to place independently of public transport.

If you want to rent a 9,12 or 15 passenger car for your family or official trips.

Before doing so, it is good to see which car to pick, since options are vast and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all possible choices. Here, we will present to you some of the best cars you can rent.

Fiat 500 of Fiat 500L

This car seems small at first sight but don’t let the look fool you. It has 3 doors, but despite the size, back seats are not quite spacious but comfortable. This car is great for smooth city rides and squeezing into tiny parking spaces. Visibility is good since it provides you with a good view, and it has a good soundproof cabin for a pleasant ride.

Fiat Tipo

While on the topic of this Italian manufacturer, the Tipo model provides a very interesting mix of a caravan and minivan. It is tall as a minivan, and yet very spacious and long as a caravan. This car is good if you have kids and a lot of luggage.

This car is quiet, behaves well on the streets and open road, providing a sense of safety while driving. The cabin is insulated and provides a nice sound barrier from the city noise. The only thing is you need to pay attention; parking spaces due to its size. All in all, a good, family car.

Ford Focus

This model is one of the most requested ones when it comes to renting cars. It gives us the best of all worlds; it packs power and comfort with enough space for a family. With a cabin that is relatively quiet, you can talk to your family freely and enjoy the ride in this easy to drive and control model.

Subaru Legacy

If you are planning a snow-covered holiday, this is a car for you. With all four-wheel drive, it will behave quite well in the road covered with snow and ice. It is not too fast, but it’s a safe car you can put your trust in. It has a lot of space inside, even if it doesn’t seem like that at first sight. With quite a large tank, you will forget when you fill it up. With standard easy to plug Bluetooth, you can connect it to your phone and use it for radio and such.

Toyota Camry

Another Japanese favorite, Toyota Camry is a car often picked by the customers due to its reliability and well behavior on the road. It provides a very smooth and enjoyable ride since it appears to glide across the road. It is not noisy and has a lot of room for all the passengers to get comfortable. Due to its length, it will need more space for parking, but after you have spent some time in it you will see that it deserves a place on this list.

Suzuki Ignis

Small and compact, Ignis is an excellent choice if you need to go through the busy city center and wrap up some work. It is small enough to squeeze into the smallest parking spots and streets, but yet comfortable enough to have the whole family in there. Due to its size, be aware that not much can be packed into this car.

It has its own system of navigation which works very well, and it can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The cabin is soundproof and the car has a parking camera that allows perfect parking every time.

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Porsche 911 Targa

If you have a very large budget and you want to impress, well this is a car for you, This is a very luxurious car, and you will be noticed if you pull up with this beauty. Two seated sports cars, with no roof, are perfect for late-night rides. It is packed with a strong engine and it runs so smoothly that you will feel like you are floating close to the surface of the road without even touching it.

BMW i8

BMW has done an incredible job with this one, not only that it looks like it came from 2050, with distinct lines and clean cuts but it packs incredible speed into the mix. With only two seats, it relies on aerodynamics to achieve a feeling of cutting through the thin air and sliding down the road like it’s nothing.

Tesla Model S

Let’s face it, no matter which model you choose, Tesla is a good choice. Not only these cars are environmentally friendly with no exhaust gases produced, but they are so quiet. You would not believe that it’s running.

All models are well equipped and one of our favorites is Model S. It has it all; it is very efficient when it comes to energy consumption, performs incredibly in different environments and its exterior is to fall in love with. With smooth, slick lines and polished looks, it will take the breath of everyone away.

Ford Mustang GT Premium

Looking fierce and being even fiercer under the hood, this car is not for the fainted hearted. With the V8 engine, it packs so much power that it is recommended with people who have experience behind the wheel since its power can be overwhelming for new drivers.


When choosing a model to rent take into consideration what are you going to use the car for and how many people are going to ride in it. There are definitely good family cars to choose from, which are affordable, safe and good to get around the commute. On the other hand, there are some exclusive models you can rent if needed for the occasion. No matter which one you choose, pick a good renting service and stay safe on the road.