Graphics kits are a great way to put your personal touch on a dirtbike. Graphics have been popular in many sports for years, and continue to evolve as new materials become available. This article will give an overview of some distinct features you’ll need to be aware of when it comes time to purchase a graphics kit that is right for you.

Material options include the traditional sticker paper, vinyl transfers, and even full-color prints right onto the material itself! These days there are also preprinted stickers with patterns or textures such as carbon fiber and metal flake. Clearcoat over the top is used by most manufacturers to help protect the color from chipping or fading. Dirt can be quite abrasive on graphics, so most manufacturers recommend you keep them clear-coated with an annual treatment of a quality product like NoCoat or similar to keep your graphics looking fresh.

Durability of the materials used

Graphics kits are a great way to personalize your dirtbike. You want to make sure that the kit you choose is durable and will last a long time. The material should be able to withstand being in the sun and rain, as well as dirt and dust. You want something that will stay on your bike when it gets rained on or falls over. The majority of dirtbike manufacturers recommend keeping a graphic kit clear coated with a top-quality product like NoCoat to prolong the life and look of your graphics. Materials used in graphics kits are:

  • Vinyl


Vinyl graphics kits are one of the most popular materials used in dirtbike graphics. They are durable and can withstand the sun, rain, and dirt. However, vinyl does have some disadvantages. It can be easy to peel or scratch, and it is not as resistant to fading as some of the other options. Vinyl is also often difficult to install, and typically requires some waiting time after installation before the kit can be clear-coated. Vinyl graphics are most cost-effective when they are printed in smaller quantities (less than 25 units).

  • Paper


This is the traditional material most people think of when they think about dirtbike graphics. Sticker paper graphics kits come preprinted on a thin piece of adhesive sticker paper which you peel and stick onto your bike. They offer excellent durability and low cost, and can withstand dirt and rain (not recommended for extended exposure to water or mud), but will fade over time if not treated with a clearcoat. The color may run if it gets wet enough, so fading may begin around seams between pieces, or on cut areas of the graphic. Sticker paper graphics are great for a first-time buyer, as they are affordable and easy to apply. If you want your dirtbike to look truly professional, however, consider some of the other options that can offer a more refined finish.

  • Plastic


Plastic graphics kits are made from a durable plastic material and offer high-resolution graphics that are UV and water-resistant. They are also easy to install and can be clear-coated for added protection. However, they are not as resistant to fading as some of the other options and can be prone to scratching. Plastic graphics are typically more expensive than some of the other options but remain very popular due to their durability and ease of installation.

  • carbon fiber


This is one of the newest materials used in dirtbike graphics. They offer high-resolution graphics that are UV and water-resistant using a clear-coat finish (like many of the plastic kits) for added protection. Carbon fiber materials offer an ultra-tough graphic with no solvents or adhesives required during installation. The idea behind carbon fiber is that it has all the benefits of sticker paper without any compromise on quality, making them more cost-effective than vinyl or plastic kits while still offering excellent durability. As the popularity of carbon fiber increases, you’ll find new companies emerging who specialize in this new fantastic material.

Ease of installation


For most riders, installing their own graphics kit is an easy way to personalize their dirtbikes while saving money. However, there are some kits that can be difficult to install or require more tools than average. Others may lose pieces easily due to not being able to line up the graphics properly with all one color. Make sure you read any instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully and plan ahead for how you’ll get your dirtbike into your garage or where you’ll be applying the graphics. Different graphics kits come with different levels of difficulty to install. If you want to do it yourself, you should read the instructions and plan ahead so that you can safely get your dirtbike into a spot where you can apply the graphics. If you’re looking for dirtbike graphics, there are a lot of options available. Make sure you read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully before buying and installing. Plan ahead so that you can safely get your dirtbike into a place where you can allow proper time to apply the graphics.


When it comes to dirtbike graphics, the price varies considerably from one manufacturer to another. Make sure you understand what will come with your kit before you buy and if any additional pieces are needed. Check the product description carefully and compare a few manufacturers’ prices – often a more expensive option can include a better quality graphic set that is easier to install and includes accessories that save you money in the long run too. Price is very important when choosing a dirtbike graphics kit. For example, if you are looking for easy-to-install dirtbike graphics, the best option is to buy one that has no pieces and costs less money. This would be better than buying a dirtbike graphics kit that was hard to install and cost more money. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a dirtbike graphics kit is the price. Often, a more expensive option can include a better quality graphic set that is easier to install and includes accessories that save you money in the long run too. It is important to compare prices between different manufacturers to find the best deal possible. Additionally, some kits come with additional pieces that may be needed for installation, like a clear coat, which can end up costing more in the long run if not included in the original purchase.



Don’t forget when purchasing your dirtbike graphics that this is an investment in yourself – do some research, pick something unique that reflects your personality, and show your friends! Dirtbikes are already pretty personalized by nature; adding graphics lets everyone know whose bike is whose. When you are picking out a graphics kit for your dirtbike, it is important to choose something that is unique and special. This will show everyone that your bike is different from all the others. It will also make your dirtbike look more cool and interesting. It also shows that you are different from all the other bikers.

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