Dash cam or a dashboard camera is used or installed in the vehicle’s front glass window, and it usually records videos easily in very good quality. The owners of the vehicles mostly install them to capture minute details of the road view. You can even capture the whole car view without handling it or placing it anywhere in the car as it will not be sturdy and can shake a lot. The dash cams from are designed perfectly to record all the corners of the car and capture everything perfectly.

Dash cam also helps record all types of videos, and one of the most important benefits is that you can have First-hand video evidence of a car accident. They are highly important at the accidents as they can provide the eye witness first-hand video. It is also used for providing perfect driving and helps to guide you properly. It also acts as a deterrent to car thieves. Some dash cameras can rotate up to 360 degrees so that minute-to-minute things can be captured perfectly. It also can work as a monitor; if you want to see the whereabouts of your car while driving by your driver, then it can also help you in that.

It records everything and helps to look at the back of the car and get an idea about what is happening at the back and see the back view also. It also helps to park the car properly, and if you are a new driver, then it might be a little hard for you to park your car properly at the parking lot without any damage or scratches, so you can definitely depend upon the parking mode.

It can work perfectly in low light also, and mostly the LED display shows the video in amazing quality and even shoots good videos when in low light. The further article will give you a gist of some of the main features and important aspects that make a dashcam important to have in your car or vehicle.

Some of the main features of dash cams are:

Field view:


The field view particularly is the coverage area of the camera. How much field area can it cover? Most of the camera covers 180 degrees, or some of the cameras can go up to 360 degrees also, so it basically depends upon your convenience and your preferences because it is important to go for a wider view area as it can help you capture videos as far as it can be. The wider the view will be, the more protection it will give you as it can also help you to view all the minute things.

Automatic and manual recording:

Sometimes it might trigger you that you can’t see the back view if your car doesn’t have the facility of showing the back view. It will also be more convenient if the dashcam is automatic as it will be much easier for you as you don’t have to operate manually. If you like to operate manually and want your dashcam to be manually operated, you must choose the dashcam that can only be operated manually. It basically depends upon your preference.

Parking mode or motion sensor:


It is important to check whether your dashcam comes with parking mode or a motion sensor because if your car does not come with the back view camera view, then it might be one of the most important reasons for you to buy a dashcam as it makes it easier for you to park your car perfectly without any collision.

If you are thinking of buying a good dash cam for your vehicle, you must check this website out as you can find the most suitable and favorable dash cameras for your vehicle. They are very pocket-friendly, and all of them come with a parking mode or motion sensor, which is important.

Low light recording or night recording:

If you are someone who frequently travels at night and wants to record everything and have a clear view of the back and the front, then you must check the feature of low light or night vision to record as it will be a measure feature for you to be there in your ideal dash camera. Even if you are parking your car in a low-light area, you must have a clear view off your back, so it is pertinent to have night recording mode.

Sometimes the visibility of the road at night is not good and to make sure that no mishappening must take place through it is highly required for a dash camera to be not sensitive with the light and also give you the full and clear view of the behind and office talking to you.

Image quality:


Image quality is another important aspect you must keep in mind while buying a dash cam because it will give you a clear image of everything. If your camera is not of good quality, it might be hard for you to track down the clear image of anything. If the theft has taken place, then you might need a clear image of a Thief so that you can track it down and make it easier for you to find out who the thief is.

The normal or general dash cams come at 720p. Still, it is a recommendation to buy a border that gives you almost won a 1080p full HD as the resolution is a really important factor and not only for the aesthetic reason but also to practically capture everything for license plate or face of a person or anything. as It might be possible that the pixels can make you give a wearing results which you will mind not want.

Final words

All the points or features mentioned above are very important to look at before taking a Final Decision because they can help you buy the most suitable or favorable dash cam for your vehicle. this article includes all the features that are primary and very essential because if you are a new buyer and you don’t have much idea about dashcam but also want to take the most favorable and best one for yourself then you must consider all these features and should check on the product description so that you can be sure about your purchase and can enjoy its services for a long time.