As a motorcycle owner, there’ll come a time when you have to think  about moving your bike from one place to another without having to take on the long and winding road… Perhaps you want to attend a rally taking place across the country, and wish to show up fresh.

If you only have a few days off, you may not have time to drive a thousand miles to your destination. Moving house? The last thing you want is to have your pride and joy squashed by furniture and boxes in the moving truck. When that’s the case, you want to rely on a reputable company to ship your bike. 

Looking to sell your bike and ship it to the buyer? No problem! With these tips, you’ll be protected from start to finish.

Selling your motorcycle is generally a relatively easy process, provided you do it in a lawful manner. Unfortunately, crime is rife when it comes to motorcycle sales. The National Insurance Crime Bureau says that of the 40,000 cases of motorcycle theft that take place every year, only 39% are ever recovered. It’s therefore important to follow the due processes to reduce risks and ensure you sell the bike much faster. 

Selling Your Bike

Don’t skip certain cumbersome aspects of the selling process. Yes, you could save yourself the trouble and trade it in at a reputable dealer, but that might not give you the best sales price. You need to ensure that you have all the legal documents:
  • Title – This document proves ownership of vehicles in the US.
  • Motorcycle Sale Holding Agreement – This is an optional document, but helpful in committing to the sale upon payment of a deposit.
  • Test Drive Request – This document provides protection in case something goes wrong during the test drive.
  • Bill of Sale – The sale agreement outlines details of the purchase for all parties involved. You could print one online. 

You can further protect yourself by verifying the credentials of the potential buyer’s identity when they take your bike for a test drive. There’s a risk that your bike may be impounded if the driver is stopped during the test drive and found to be improperly licensed.

Arrange Shipping

Once the finances are handled, it’s time to find a shipping company. If the buyer recommends a motorcycle shipping company and they are paying for it, you will want to go according to their preferences. If you’ve included shipping in the sales price, you will want to do your own due diligence.

The best place to find referrals would be from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. However, it is also important to do your own research online. View online reviews from past clients and read the fine print. 

Find out whether the company offers the type of motorcycle shipping you require – open or enclosed. Most importantly, be sure that the bike is adequately insured. 

Safe shipping can be easy if you’re prepared to take your time to properly plan and research the company. Dealing with a professional company will give you peace of mind

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