We cannot escape the fact that there are some weird and unique motorcycles currently on the roads and in the garages. Custom bikes have always been an inspiration and passion for many mechanics and bikers, who tap into their ideas and talent to develop and assemble some truly amazing machines. In this article, we will go over 20 of such motorcycles.

20. Johammer Electric Bike

This motorcycle is strange and unconventional to say the least. Nothing on it is normal, and that front looks like it is lacking parts. Still, it can go for 124 miles per one charge, and has a top speed of 75 mph. The frame is aluminum only and the body is polypropylene, which will last you years.

19. Vetter Streamliner

Craig Vetter is considered a genius by many, and one look at his bike can tell you just why. He specializes in streamlining things, meaning making objects resistant to air. He designed this all the way back in 1969, when he essentially made the first cruiser motorcycle. He then gave us his Windjammer faring in 1980, which changed everything again. Every bike has it today because of the safety and wind blocking.

18. Flying Millyard V10

This motorcycle is huge. It is the creation of Allen Millyard, and it runs on an 8.0 liter Viper V10 Engine that gives it tons of power. The bike has 500 horsepower and can go over 200 mph, but the owner thinks he can make it go even faster. He regularly shows it off at bike shows and events, and rides it whenever and wherever he can.

17. Tron Light Cycle

Did you think these were only possible in the legendary movie? For a smooth $55,000, you can purchase one of the ten real life Tron Light Cycles, weighing 474 pounds and as close to the real thing as it gets. It is powered by a Suzuki TRL 1000 V-twin engine, which gives it outputs of 135 horsepower and 78 pound feet of torque. The price is also alright, especially if we mention that the real prop used in the remake by Disney sold for $77,000.

16. Predator Bike

The attention to detail that stays true to the lore of the Predator movies is breathtaking on this bike. The Predators themselves would ride them without question. Underneath, which is somewhat visible, is a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa, almost completely stock. Therefore, the specs are nothing special, but the looks take the cake. They have been made by Pitstop Motors, a shop based in New Jersey.

15. Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki makes amazing looking bikes, and they always have. With this one, they aimed at developing a machine that would make the rider feel like they are in an open-canopy vehicle. And what a beast they put out. The designers and mechanics revealed how the Wright Brothers biplane was the main inspiration behind it. It runs on a lengthwise 4 cylinder 100 ccm V engine, and it has a prop shaft transmission. The futuristic design features amazing gold paint and it simply looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie.

14. Bohmerland Three Seater

With a bike like this, that third person you always want with you can finally come! This wonderful motorcycle is all about friendship. This bike is the work of Albin Liebisch, and it was made in 1935. The man also created a four seater. The annual Bohmerland Riders Event in Czech Republic, where you might be able to see it. The bike does not have a lot of suspension, nor is it fast, but the fun times it gives is through the roof.

13. Tryton MM2

Wow, this bike is a true work of art and a genuine masterpiece. The steampunk elements are clear, and this all electric bike can go 132 miles on a single charge. It only weighs 215 lbs. because of the completely carbon frame. The man behind it is Vil “E-Vil” Tsimenzin, from Boston. From 0 to 100 mph, the bike goes in mere 4.4 seconds, and the top speed is 160 mph. To charge the 120 volt battery, it takes around 2 and a half hours.

12. Sprint Beemer

This creation comes from the minds at Lucky Cat Garage. They developed this unique and rather strange looking motorcycle. This is a heavily customized and modified BMW bike. It runs on an unbelievably tuned 1978 R100RS engine, by Edelweiss Motorsport. Oh yeah, it has a NOS kit that gives the engine a 25% boost in speed and power. The frame is from the 1950s, the fork from 1960s, and the engine is from the 1970s, as mentioned. Add to that a gearbox from the 1990s, and this is a true 20th century superbike.

11. Norton Motorcycle with a Casket Sidecar

For someone to be driven in a new sense of the word “style”, they will have to jump inside this sidecar that is a literal casket. This might be the oldest motorcycle hearse, which is not at all that uncommon as it seems, at least for the start of the last century. It was made between 1908 and 1910, and it has 3.5 horsepower. It was used to take the dead away with elegance and style they deserve. The first of these started coming in 1904, and the last model was made in 1976.

10. The Scamper

The process of putting together a camber van with a chopper does not seem plausible, or an easy piece of work for that matter. However, this hot rod vehicle says otherwise. It was built by Gogo Cycles of California, and it is a dream for the bikers who are also fans of camping. This company makes several of these per year, all custom made for each customer, and the one we have here was among the first.

9. 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline 2

This bike is special and interesting for many reasons. It is without a doubt the most futuristic looking motorcycle from our past, and it was the design and work of Orley Ray Courtney back in 1930. Back then, there was not any real streamlining really, so this bike was a star. The instruments on it are horizontal, much more like a car than anything else. It included chrome finishes and other luxury materials, and although it is rather impractical, it just looks special and we are sure everyone would want to try it.

8. Chicara ART 5

This is a heavily customized and adapted 1939 Harley Davidson, and it is the work of an artist Chicara Nagata. His friends at Megadeluxe call him the mad scientist. This work earned him the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, back in the year 2006. What is more, this is the first bike he has ever made. Between 5000 and 7000 hours took him to finish it, and it runs great.

7. Cheeseburger Harley

Harry Sperl from Daytona Beach loves riding the custom tasty looking Harley Davidson around town, especially during events and gatherings of bikers. The owner also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of hamburger related items, a total of 3724. A Harley like this is special, and it even has room for a whole plate of food and drinks above the light!

6. Watkins M001

People either love or hate this bike, and there is no middle ground. Some call it strange, while others claim it is futuristic. It has also been called an example of extreme engineering. What we can all agree on is that it looks crazy and wild. He creator is Jack Watkins, and he was inspired by a BMW concept, the Harrier. It runs on a BMW engine, the 2002 R1 150 RT, and it looks like it can really move.

5. Guilty Customs Lucille

This is motorcycle art at its finest. The unique Harley Davidson bike has a springer front end, and a tail light from 1939. The 260 mm rear tire is enormous, and it goes well with the modern drive train. The exhaust pipes on the right side are something else entirely. It is simply a breathtaking creation that oozes the love for two wheelers. The passion with which it was made is clear.

4. Big Bear Choppers GTX Project

This long chopper is both cool and strange, and it masterfully combines classic and futuristic elements. Also, it has both the functionality and style. The motorcycle has a single analog gage, and the design came from a wish to make a stripped chopper, while still keeping it true to its roots and history. We believe they have succeeded in that.

3. Steampunk Scooter

Are you a fan of the steampunk trend and style? What about this retro futuristic look straight from the past? This is what a superbike would look like if our world ran on steam. Pressure gages and valves at every corner, bolt design and rusty look. This is a perfect steampunk vehicle. The creator is Arthur van Poppel, and the Dutchman has made a unique machine.

2. The Roadog

Is this the longest bike ever? Maybe. It is located at the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa, USA. It really reminds us of a locomotive, as it is that big. It is 17 feet long, weighs 3300 pounds, and it was made in 1965. The bike has rear wheel drive, and it was assembled from scratch. The team used aircraft tubing and fitted it with a 2.4 liter Chevy Nova II engine. Top speed is 100 mph somehow, but it is not recommended. Parking it and leaving it upright demanded 4 big hydraulic jacks.

1. Jaguar Leaper Bike

We agree that this is just credulous, impractical, and probably uncomfortable. Still, it is cool in its own way, and art comes in many shapes and sizes. Its official name is Nightshadow, and it is a real bike made by Massow Concept Cycles. They based it on the Buell S3 Thunderbolt, and it runs on a Sportster V-Twin 1200 cc engine. As we mentioned, we cannot imagine it being comfortable, and it must actually be dangerous to ride in heavier traffic. Sometimes however, this is what you must endure in order to have a marvelous motorcycle.


That was a crazy collection of breathtaking motorcycles like no other. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think is just awful? Remember that each one is the result of hard work and dedication of some true master artists, designers, and mechanics, who share a deep love for custom bikes, and a devotion to biker life. Something as crazy and cool as these creations can only happen if the people involved do it with a true passion, and a little bit of talent. This is after all how all success comes to be, from a right combo of talent and ambition. For more interesting articles and information visit