Biking is real fun. With handlebar grips in place, biking is safer and more stable. You rely a lot on our bike grips to help yourself get around. In order to go in a new direction, you grip the handlebars of our bikes with your hands. Handlebar grips are made up of rubberized materials and are often used in bikes to cover metal handlebars. These grips may need to be replaced as a result of wear and tear over time. Before installing the new handlebar grips, the old ones must be removed.

If you’re a road and mountain biker, you will have to install and remove different parts of your bikes all the time. If you have the right tools, you should not have too many problems. However, removing them may be messy many times. Even if they are of great quality, a good pair of push-on Bike Grips may be hard to get off. Hence, we have prepared you a bunch of tips to remove bike handlebar grips.

A Rough Idea

In case they give you a tough time, you may want to just cut off the handlebar grips. We warn you that the grips won’t be reusable.

Worried? We are here for you.

There are a few ways to get rid of bike grips without cutting. As an alternative, you can use lubricants and compressed air to get them off. You also need patience and a little tenacity to get them off. Let’s work on the tips to remove bike handlebar grips.

Best Tips to Remove Bike Handlebar Grips

Riders have used a lot of different ways to get their bike grips off without ruining them, and a list of tips to remove your bike’s handlebar grips is below.

  1. Utilize Water and Dishwashing Soap
  2. Apply WD-40
  3. Make Use of Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Spread Clear Hairspray
  5. Leverage Compressed Air

Psst… In the worst case, just rip them off.

1. Utilize Water and Dishwashing Soap- Best Tip to Remove Handlebar Grips


You may use soap and water instead if you don’t want to spend money on anything.

How: To do this technique, use a screwdriver against the handlebar to lift it up. Then, to make the attachment slippery, fill the hole with soap and water. Prepare to remove the grips from the handlebars so you may begin riding.

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2. Apply WD-40 to Remove Bike Handlebar Grips


You can take your bike grips off and lubricate them with WD-40, just like most people do. Apply a small amount of WD40 inside the handlebar. Slowly slide the grip towards your side.

How: You could completely fill your rubber grip with WD-40. Make sure you spin the grip after you’ve sprayed the WD-40 to smoothen it. If the grip doesn’t remove on its own, you may want to use flathead screwdrivers at the end of grips to remove the handlebar grip.

3. Try Rubbing Alcohol to Get Rid of Handlebar Grips


Most people have at least one bottle of rubbing alcohol in their house at all times.

(PS: You shouldn’t think of the alcohol you drink).

Because rubbing alcohol quickly after being used, it is one of the best lubricants for installing and taking off Bike Grips.

Rubbing alcohol is a great way to get rid of sticky, oily, and dirty things from your grip.

In what way – Screwdriver or tire wedge: Lift up each end of your Handlebar Grip and pour some alcohol into each end. As soon as possible, twist and work the Bike Grip off the handlebar. It doesn’t matter that alcohol evaporates quickly. You should be able to use as much alcohol as you need to loosen the hold, even though it does. We recommend you to use alcohol twice. First to clean the grip, second to make the next time even better than the first time.

4. Make Use of Hairspray


You may be able to find some vintage hairspray if you have any women around you in the house. If that’s the case, you owe them gratitude. Simply spray your bike grips with hairspray to remove them.

To prevent harming your damp bike grips, lubricate them with hairspray before twisting them off. After removing your Bike Grips using this method, be sure to thoroughly clean them.

Hairspray may be a lifesaver when installing new Bike Grips since it dries sticky.

How exactly?

Use a little screwdriver or tire wedge to lift the bike grip from one end to the other. Spray a lot of hairspray on your hair. Of course, you don’t want to boost it too much. Just slide the bike grip to the outside of the handlebar.

5. Compressed Air Approach


Another thing you could try is the compressed air method. Use tire pumps with nozzles that can be used to remove the tire. The nozzle must be placed under the grip, and the air compressor must be inserted into it.

After inflating the rubber grip, it is ready to be taken out of the handlebar and cleaned. There may be a good alternative for when you don’t have an air compressor. A blower could work.

6. The Final of All the Tips to Remove Bike Handlebar Grips- Just rip them off


A worn and frayed grip might make you want to cut the rubber off right away. If you know that you won’t need it again in the future, you might do this as soon as possible. With a small cutter or a utility knife, cut the grips very slowly. This way, the grips won’t get hurt. Do this, and you’ll be able to get rid of your old ones quickly.

Some Precautions Before Removing Bike Handlebar Grips

  1. Avoid oil. If you use a chemical that includes an excessive amount of oil, your bike grips may never again be properly linked to your handlebars.
  2. Don’t scratch please! Handlebars and grips should not be scratched. Slight scrapes may cause them to lose their hold on your handlebars for good.

Final Verdict

Most bikers don’t give a second thought to the handlebars grips. The right bike parts, on the other hand, can make a big difference in how well you can ride a bike. The handlebar grips on bikes are just as important as any other part of the bike.

We’ve given you the best tips to remove bike handlebar grips. You should find it useful and easy to follow.